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The Theology of Christmas (John MacArthur)

(Updated: January 12th, 2022) The theology of Christmas is the Gospel message, and it’s important every Christian understand. Pastor John MacArthur focuses on Philippians 2:05-11. Jesus Christ is God and He is Lord. Pastor MacArthur says this is the theology of Christmas. 1. He abandoned a sovereign position Christ was, is, and will forever be… Continue reading The Theology of Christmas (John MacArthur)

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Deuteronomy (5) Pt. 2 | Laws, Moses Dies (Ch. 23- End)

Continuing from where we left off , let's jump right into Ch. 23. Ch. 23:01-08- Who Cannot Be Part Of The Congregation Some interesting parts of these scriptures. Illegitimate birth cannot be part of the congregation up the tenth generation. Up to the tenth generation happens with a number of different people, so this is something… Continue reading Deuteronomy (5) Pt. 2 | Laws, Moses Dies (Ch. 23- End)