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Gods of the New Age (Cultish) Pt. 1

Beaten and almost killed for the name of Christ. How far are you willing to go to preach the truth of the Gospel? In today’s recommended video you will hear the testimony of missionary Dan, who lives in India. The interview is a really nice introduction to some misconceptions about Hinduism, what is it like… Continue reading Gods of the New Age (Cultish) Pt. 1

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Clouds Without Water Session 1 (Justin Peters)

In 2020, I recanted from my dream posts. This video I’ve selected today began my journey in learning how the Word of Faith movement is wrong, among other movements and teachings that I thought were ok. Justin Peter’s next video on Mangled Manifestations really helped me regarding the Seeker-Driven movement I came out of. I… Continue reading Clouds Without Water Session 1 (Justin Peters)