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Gods of the New Age (Cultish) Pt. 1

Beaten and almost killed for the name of Christ. How far are you willing to go to preach the truth of the Gospel? In today’s recommended video you will hear the testimony of missionary Dan, who lives in India. The interview is a really nice introduction to some misconceptions about Hinduism, what is it like… Continue reading Gods of the New Age (Cultish) Pt. 1

Bible Study

Faithfulness Through Suffering (Voddie Baucham)

How can we suffer in this world as a Christian? What makes this suffering different than other suffering in the world? Today’s sermon pick by Voddie Baucham explores 2 Timothy and a message that Paul encourages Timothy with. A message that to the world who does not know Christ could not understand nor find the… Continue reading Faithfulness Through Suffering (Voddie Baucham)


Please Pray For These Christians & Children

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a quick video Paul Washer sent out. He cannot share the location, but there is an area with heavy military. And Christians are struggling there, children are in danger. Please pray. The video can be viewed here.


Are You Praying For The Body Of Christ

There are people being persecuted for following Christ. People are dying for Him. Being in America, I think I'm desensitized to this. Missionaries are dying. Preachers are dying. People are being killed because they believe and follow Christ. And though I've been fortunate to not really encounter problems with this in America, that doesn't mean… Continue reading Are You Praying For The Body Of Christ