Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Holes, Filth, And Christ (Christian Poem)

Empty heart, I thought. Loud mind, I thought. Empty hands, I thought. Whispers, all the whispers. Never realized the darknessoh, the darkness that consumed me. A lover of darkness. And then the burning light. The awful burning firewhich revealed a stench, a decay, within me. I saw the holes within my heart. I saw the… Continue reading Holes, Filth, And Christ (Christian Poem)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Battle Inside (Christian Poem)

I am breaking within my mind.Struggling, holding to what’s mine.Fighting, screaming, believe I’ve got it. Thoughts break, and I slip away from You. How long will this keep going on? How long till I’m broken through? Darkness laughing. Something stirs. Fire starts catching. I can feel my sin start to burn. Will I ever learn?… Continue reading Battle Inside (Christian Poem)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

You Are I AM (Christian Poem)

Lord, I have this hamster wheelinside my head. I keep staying still. Moving, but never moving.Like something is always at my heel.How can I let go? Can You open these clenched hands? Even when I am strugglingYou are I AM.Even when I can’t feelYou are I AM. So many timesI forget. I’m not running to… Continue reading You Are I AM (Christian Poem)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Oppressed (My Body No Choice) | Christian Poem

Friends, today I share a topic that I know brings up immediate thoughts and feelings. A poem that I know is painful, infuriating, and personal. I think every woman has thought of whether she wanted or did not want children. For over six months, I’ve been praying, writing, and researching. Today’s poem may not be… Continue reading Oppressed (My Body No Choice) | Christian Poem

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

I Am My Own Destruction | Christian Poem

On the surface, it seems calm. But a battle rages on. Inside my head.Screams of living versus dead. Like a picture perfect framePeople think they know. I’d like to believe the gamebecause I’m the puppet to my show. Lie after lie, life goes on. I try to find worth. What do I deserve?What is the… Continue reading I Am My Own Destruction | Christian Poem

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

My Soul is Like My Nasty Fridge | Christian Poem

I dreaded opening the doorto what I knew awaited me. Dim light flickeringtauntingly. How many months had it been?Or… had it been years? Since I cleaned the nastiness, from the soul of kitchen’s fears. Oh, the grime was paintedon once lost white shelves. How the forgotten food awaitedto be found and elevated. The garden of… Continue reading My Soul is Like My Nasty Fridge | Christian Poem

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

When We Fixate on Suffering Prayer (Christian Poem)

You are good.You are great.I am not the onewho sees the same.Open my eyes.Convict my soul.Help me understand.You alone make me whole.Help me praise Youthrough the day.Help me be gratefulwhen things are not ok.I am weak.But You are strong.You’re always righteven when I’m wrong. I don’t understandYour perfect ways.I don’t understandall the things You sayin… Continue reading When We Fixate on Suffering Prayer (Christian Poem)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

The Door of Darkness (Christian Poem)

It was a beautiful door.Expensive wood. Carved features. A mind that understood. The door called.It beckoned.It glowed. It welcomed. The words it would sing. Sweet. Soft. Gentle. Words that delighted the soulyetmelted the marrow. I never noticed before.How it alwaysopened to another door. Going from woodto metal. Less beautiful,the effects more internal. The doors became… Continue reading The Door of Darkness (Christian Poem)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction · Life Application (Bible To Life)

Cut Me From My Roots (Christian Poem)

I’m comfortable.I’m growing.My roots are deep. I’m sowing. I don’t like change.Leave me here. False sense of control.Tons of fear. Prune my leaves.But don’t prune meoff from my rootsand set me free. I’ll die without roots.Why would You take what is precious?My roots. My home. Don’t You know that I’m self-conscious?! My journey.My life.It’s about… Continue reading Cut Me From My Roots (Christian Poem)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

What Is It Gonna Take? (Christian Song)

I thought I was past this. This mire and tears. And here I’m standing going no where. I thought I believedI thought that I had faith. But darkness comesand seems to have its way. What is it gonna takefor me to see? What is it gonna taketo see Your Sovereignty? What is it gonna take… Continue reading What Is It Gonna Take? (Christian Song)