Happy Thanksgiving!

Once long ago, this day was made. To thank You, God, in everything. Provision You have always gave. But we've forgotten and so's the grave. In this time of thanksgiving and being with family, making memories, do not forget the meaning of Thanksgiving. It was created to thank God for everything, and sometimes, we get… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Damascus – Not Just Their Journey

Everyone's story can have a Damascus. That's what He told me. Everyone's story can have a Damascus. Listen to me.   The prayers you are praying keep praying. The doubt that you are feeling stop believing. Healing does not happen because we pray. Healing occurs for those who have lost the way.   Let God… Continue reading Damascus – Not Just Their Journey

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Living Hell | Poem

Strings wrapped around my wrists and ankles. Wings broken and torn, my soul tangled.   I thought it was a small room. My body, temple, home. But I realize, too soon, crumbling, truth begins to foam.   Around the walls dissolving into a toxic cage. Myself exposed, naked. Cloaked in bitterness and rage.   Soaking… Continue reading Living Hell | Poem

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

He Hears Me In Silence

I tremble and I feel the darkness. My hands grip at my side. I feel so lonely. Tears fall as my heart cries out. But no sound is heard out loud.   And in the silence, You hear my broken soul. You call me out. I feel Your hand with me! Holy One, Lord. Holy… Continue reading He Hears Me In Silence

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

He’s Coming Soon, Only Endure!

You're the One who gets me through. Waters crash and my soul breaks inside, But then, I hear the Thunder and a roar. A fire that deepens within, A cry comes out.   Listen for the whisper. Let the rain fall over you. His hand will never leave. Can't you see, He's coming? Only endure!… Continue reading He’s Coming Soon, Only Endure!

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

I Lift Up My Spirit

I need Your strength. I need Your strength. I need Your strength.   My heart is heavy. I feel a tiny piece. Of what Your burden is for the world. So, Lord, I ask You to guide my heart. I need You Holy One to hold me, please. My spirit can’t take this world. So… Continue reading I Lift Up My Spirit

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

It Won’t Last Forever (Even If Feels Like It Will)

Staying strong is not easy. But we can be weak in Christ because He is our strength.