Because I Was Unworthy (Merry Christmas)

Lately, I've been thinking about salvation and what it means to be unworthy. Some believe we can enter Heaven on good works that we have to try really hard, make something of ourselves, etc, and we can walk through the gates. Good works do not add to our value. The truth is, our value, our … Continue reading Because I Was Unworthy (Merry Christmas)

I Thought I Caused The Ripples

Over a year ago, I wrote a poem titled, "Many Ripples." There are a few statements I made I do not support and I think are misleading. I thought writing a poem covering those misconceptions would be both fun and, hopefully, clarifying. I am only stone but, I caused many ripples. That's what I used … Continue reading I Thought I Caused The Ripples

An Old Foe Appears (Christian Poem)

Shame, shame. Wrapped around and calling my name. Echoes whispering Accusing saying I'm undeserving.   And old foe appears. One I haven't seen in many years. He grins, while a sword glints in his hands.   I was growing, sowing. Now, the accuser destroying. Ripping apart, what was my heart. Roots broken and seeds marked. … Continue reading An Old Foe Appears (Christian Poem)

My Journey With Christ | Christian Poem

When my mind wanders as it had before. When the whispers linger right at my heart's door.   When the floor felt like it would fall beneath me. When my world shattered You were there for me.   You stood by when the witches appeared. You heard my cries when I was torn down inside. … Continue reading My Journey With Christ | Christian Poem

Cry Out For Jesus In This Weary World

Sheltered in place. Windows are locked. Car keys on hook. Closed in.   Yet, in the stillness thoughts race. In the quiet, fear screams.   Some wonder where You are. Some think this is Your judgment. Some think conspiracy. Some ask why.   My eyes fail from searching Your word, saying, "When will You comfort … Continue reading Cry Out For Jesus In This Weary World

Ask God To Break Down Walls

I chose the picture of my yellow lilies because the sunlight and the yellow remind me of the glory of God. I am trying to write down all of my post ideas into one place and discovered a poem/song that I did not publish last year. I was taken aback by how powerful it is, … Continue reading Ask God To Break Down Walls

Happy Thanksgiving!

Once long ago, this day was made. To thank You, God, in everything. Provision You have always gave. But we've forgotten and so's the grave. In this time of thanksgiving and being with family, making memories, do not forget the meaning of Thanksgiving. It was created to thank God for everything, and sometimes, we get … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Damascus – Not Just Their Journey

Everyone's story can have a Damascus. That's what He told me. Everyone's story can have a Damascus. Listen to me.   The prayers you are praying keep praying. The doubt that you are feeling stop believing. Healing does not happen because we pray. Healing occurs for those who have lost the way.   Let God … Continue reading Damascus – Not Just Their Journey

Living Hell | Poem

Strings wrapped around my wrists and ankles. Wings broken and torn, my soul tangled.   I thought it was a small room. My body, temple, home. But I realize, too soon, crumbling, truth begins to foam.   Around the walls dissolving into a toxic cage. Myself exposed, naked. Cloaked in bitterness and rage.   Soaking … Continue reading Living Hell | Poem