Working On Clarifying Some Misunderstandings From Last Week

This past week I have been spending a lot of time in the Bible. I've been trying to figure out all I need to say about the things I want to clarify in last week's post:ย What Is Godly/Holy Living | Am I Living A Defiled Life? God has been giving me multiple scriptures to support … Continue reading Working On Clarifying Some Misunderstandings From Last Week

Quotes From YOU | March ’20

The month of March in the United States was very unique for Americans. We began to take COVID-19 seriously and many states, as well as the president, put emphasis and measures in place. As you'll see, many bloggers around the world were writing about what God was revealing to them during this time of isolation … Continue reading Quotes From YOU | March ’20

Community Spotlight | January ’20

It's been really nice to stay more consistent with bloggers. I've been able to read more and comment more. However, the pressure is gone now that I realize I don't have to read every post or every blogger. These posts were all written in January 2020 or before. The link is shared in the title … Continue reading Community Spotlight | January ’20

Quotes From You | January ’20

My Grammarly says the text of everyone's quotes overall sounds appreciative and that definitely rings true. A lot of these quotes focus on lessons the Lord is showing everyone. I have been able to visit more this past month, and I'm really excited to share many, many quotes with you all from the community! These … Continue reading Quotes From You | January ’20

Quotes From You | November & December ’19

Where is our reality? Do we mask our sin? God is faithful. He helps us command our soul. We must not forget everything God has done for us, like the people of Israel did, but being open to the Lord means He will use us.ย  This is only a summary of a theme we see … Continue reading Quotes From You | November & December ’19

Favorite Posts From This Year (2019)

In closing out the last month of the year on my blog, I think it will be nice to have some reflection posts on my blog. Looking back, I've realized how the Lord has helped me grow this year alone, and I am making a separate post on things that God has helped me change … Continue reading Favorite Posts From This Year (2019)

Fear Of Letting Go Of Our Control & Letting In God

Imagine that life is like a car we drive and the road representative of our walk with Christ. The car itself is the state of our heart. Coated in the rain as we desire to be cleansed, yet, we never dry off, and therefore freeze with indecision. Lukewarmness. Our inside is freezing because we cannot … Continue reading Fear Of Letting Go Of Our Control & Letting In God

Community Spotlight | August ’19

Well, fall is starting to step into the month here. I'm seeing a couple of leaves already start to change colors. Another community spotlight has rolled around. These are some posts I found that I really enjoyed. NEWER SPOTLIGHTS (Virtuous Women) - Fearfully And Wonderfully Made - I really appreciate the honesty we women sometimes … Continue reading Community Spotlight | August ’19

Community Spotlight | July ’19

We still have a few weeks of summer left, but not much! There have been a lot of powerful posts these past months and July was no different! I hope you find a post that speaks to you and draws you closer to Jesus. NEW BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT (Sarah Mozingo)ย  - Submitting To Leadership- What do … Continue reading Community Spotlight | July ’19

Quotes From YOU | July ’19

I can't believe it's August. I remember hoping for warmer weather. August is also my birthday month so as the years go by, I'm surprised more and more at becoming a year older. There are a lot of powerful quotes from last month's round of bloggers. I pray at least one speaks to you. "So … Continue reading Quotes From YOU | July ’19