What Wisdom Is, What It Hates & How It Existed Before Creation

I know some think that by loving like God...that means we can't hate. This is not true! You see, to truly love, we hate what oppresses that love. As verse 13 shares in chapter 8, the fear of God is to hate evil. The Bible constantly shows us there are things in life we are … Continue reading What Wisdom Is, What It Hates & How It Existed Before Creation

Being Seduced To Death

The consequence of adultery is death. This Bible summary is a little longer than what I prefer, but that's because the takeaway message is so important. We will know others by their fruit. Who are we following?  Today's Reading: Chapter 7 of Proverbs Continuing Warning Of Adultery  Verse 01-05 continuing the remainder of the last section … Continue reading Being Seduced To Death

The 7 Things God Hates

Adultery against Christ happens. We turn to other idols, false teachers, and false prophets. We turn to self. Last time in Proverbs, we dug into scripture about how we are to keep our Father's wisdom and instruction. Not to stray to an immoral woman (false teacher or sinner). Today in Proverbs we will continue some … Continue reading The 7 Things God Hates

Sleeping With The Enemy & Cheating On Christ

Revelation in Proverbs? YUP! In the Bible, adultery is talked about quite a bit. We see people tempted with sexual desire and turn away. But it is important to understand adultery does not only have to relate to sexual desire. For true believers of Jesus, they, the Church, are the Bride to Christ, the Groom. … Continue reading Sleeping With The Enemy & Cheating On Christ

The Wicked Do Not Sleep Unless They Do Evil

Keep your eyes straight. Speak well. Seek truth. These are lessons we see multiple times in Proverbs, as well as holding close to our Father's words. I know not all scripture is talking about God directly, but it is clear, these same truths apply to being a Christian and having a walk with Jesus. Today's … Continue reading The Wicked Do Not Sleep Unless They Do Evil

Longer Life & Better Health

The secret to youth and life found in scripture? I never realized scripture talks about the state of our spiritual walk and how that affects our health. Today's Reading | Ch. 3 of Proverbs  Health, Relationship With God Scripture says keeping the law and commandments can lengthen our days and life, as well as add … Continue reading Longer Life & Better Health

Desperately Seek Wisdom

Proverbs never ceases to give amazing pieces of advice. Today is all about wisdom. Today's Reading | Ch. 2  First, we are told to listen and treasure commands. But then second, we are instructed to listen more deeply and concentrate on understanding. We are to cry out for insight and ask for understanding. We are … Continue reading Desperately Seek Wisdom

Proverbs | Hints Of Hell For The Sinner

In addition to adding Psalms, I will also be starting Proverbs as well, which I'm excited to start going over. INTRO - Proverbs is known as the "book of wisdom" written by Solomon. Proverbs covers everything relating to life. It is often written in a poetic form but it is also full of stories, parables, … Continue reading Proverbs | Hints Of Hell For The Sinner