We Cannot Be A “Good” Person

What makes someone corrupt and what makes someone not corrupt? Today's reading shows us just why we need Jesus in our lives, and that by our own merit, we are not good. Several connections to the book of Romans appear today, which I'm excited about, and I hope you enjoy it, too! Before Continuing, Look … Continue reading We Cannot Be A “Good” Person

Why Are We Fearful When We Have The Lord?

In the midst of COVID-19, these chapters today are such a reminder that God is bigger than what we fear and what is in the world. As today is a day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus may we be reminded that our strength is in Christ. Today's Reading: Chapter 11, 12, and 13  Chapter … Continue reading Why Are We Fearful When We Have The Lord?

Where Is God In Evil?

If we "truly" had a "loving" God, then evil wouldn't exist... This is the mindset of many people. Post | God Will Use Our Bad For His Good  Post | Why God Allows Pain In Psalms, we see a few chapters dedicated to these questions. In fact, the book of Job also covers these same … Continue reading Where Is God In Evil?

A Refuge In Times Of Trouble

He who was made a little lower than the angels to rule overall has become our refuge and strength. Today's Reading: Psalm 8 & 9   Psalm 8 (Verses 1-2) The Lord's name is excellent in all the earth. From nursing babes, God ordains strength that the enemy be silenced.  (Verses 3-8) Here we see scriptures … Continue reading A Refuge In Times Of Trouble

Lest They Tear Me Like A Lion (Prayer For Deliverance)

Seriously one of the best things we can do during prayer is speak the word of God. I know in times of trials, fear, and worry taking the advice that I should pray a psalm has been beneficial to my spirit. God keeps His word, and no matter what happens, He is always with us. … Continue reading Lest They Tear Me Like A Lion (Prayer For Deliverance)

Start Your Day With Prayer

Prayer is essential to having a walk with Christ. It doesn't have to be complicated. This short chapter in Psalms gives us a simple overview of prayer, its importance, and God's power. Today's Reading: Ch. 5 David seems to start his morning with the Lord. He asks the Lord to listen and consider his meditation. He … Continue reading Start Your Day With Prayer

The One Who Lifts Your Head Against Fear

ADDITIONS TO THIS SERIES! -I noticed in Psalms that David often shares attributes of God. I thought it might be helpful if I share what I find at the end of each chapter. Not only that but for this series in general, I'm going to try to make sure I add at least one praise … Continue reading The One Who Lifts Your Head Against Fear