Quotes From You | September ’19

We all need encouragement from the community and these posts are some of my favorites. Every single time I think, "Do I want to stop this series?" I read what everyone is saying and it just moves me to keep on sharing. All of these posts were written in September 2019 or before. The link … Continue reading Quotes From You | September ’19

Quotes From YOU | August ’19

Whoops, I meant for this post to get out last week, but things happened. I can't believe August was over a month ago! These are quotes that were written by the community in August of 2019 or before. This particular collection of quotes happens to share a few themes together. I never plan this, but … Continue reading Quotes From YOU | August ’19

Quotes From YOU | June ’19

I don't think I'll ever get sick of hearing what people have to say about Jesus Christ and what it means to have a relationship with Him! This is never to make anyone feel like you need to make this list. These are some quotes that spoke to me in June. "After a week or … Continue reading Quotes From YOU | June ’19

Quotes From You | March ’19

A month that blossoms with the hope of spring. Thank you for being patient! This post would have been sooner, but the week usually for community posts I used preparing for Resurrection Day. 🙂 These are the quotes that spoke to me in the month of March  "What I am saying is that the bigger … Continue reading Quotes From You | March ’19

Quotes From You| February ’19 Highlights

Quotes from YOU is a way to not only advertise Christian bloggers and their posts but to give you an idea of who these bloggers are. Selecting a particular quote from a blogger’s post that stands out to me, that I hope, stands out to you. Usually, in a quote post, I select few, but this … Continue reading Quotes From You| February ’19 Highlights