Good Intentions…

I meant to start today with prayer. Read scripture before moving. I desired to be thankful. But the coffee was waiting. I meant to read Your word. Chew on what I read for hours, the verses. While I did my chores, I could think. But alas, my thoughts took different courses. 5 minutes I could … Continue reading Good Intentions…

It’s Not About Church | If You Haven’t Seen It

(Written in the summer of 2016. The first time I ever got the nerve to discuss my views on church. I've grown more confident since. However, I still have been saying the same things about church. 🙂 Enjoy!)  My hands shake and my spirit trembles as I hear God ask, “Will you write this piece? … Continue reading It’s Not About Church | If You Haven’t Seen It

Alphabet Devotional | U

I have to say, last week's devotional on T everyone came up with some awesome T words. Ana said, "Trials they bringing you even closer to God than anyone else. It’s in that moment where you see his hand working in your life." Loved By The King of Kings said, "Tears – He is intimately acquainted … Continue reading Alphabet Devotional | U

Dip Your Toes Into “Soft” Darkness

(Edited: February 20th, 2021)  "Soft" porn. Not the complete thing, just a little bit. It's harmless.  I'm not a gossip, I'm a Christian lady... but did you hear about the reason why so and so isn't coming to church anymore... I don't curse a lot. (stubs toe).... *********************  It's okay if I just sneak a … Continue reading Dip Your Toes Into “Soft” Darkness