Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Battle Inside (Christian Poem)

I am breaking within my mind.Struggling, holding to what’s mine.Fighting, screaming, believe I’ve got it. Thoughts break, and I slip away from You. How long will this keep going on? How long till I’m broken through? Darkness laughing. Something stirs. Fire starts catching. I can feel my sin start to burn. Will I ever learn?… Continue reading Battle Inside (Christian Poem)

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I Wait & Hope in the Lord

What does it mean to wait in the Lord? Where do we find our hope? Today we will be wrapping up our theme of turning to the Lord and what it means to trust Him. I hope you have been encouraged this month to put your trust in Christ. No matter what trials you may… Continue reading I Wait & Hope in the Lord

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God is My Everything

When we think of the Lord being everything in our life, do we really ponder what “everything” means? Or are we merely repeating something we’ve been told? I encourage you today to think about what it means for the Lord to be everything in your life. Psalm 18:02 says: The LORD is my rock and… Continue reading God is My Everything

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Prayer: Remind Me Who You Are

Sometimes I think Christians can get this reversed. We prefer to know who we are over being reminded of Who God is. There’s nothing wrong in understanding who we are in Christ, please do not misunderstand. But what I am saying is that we cannot understand who we are in Christ, if we do not… Continue reading Prayer: Remind Me Who You Are

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

I Am My Own Destruction | Christian Poem

On the surface, it seems calm. But a battle rages on. Inside my head.Screams of living versus dead. Like a picture perfect framePeople think they know. I’d like to believe the gamebecause I’m the puppet to my show. Lie after lie, life goes on. I try to find worth. What do I deserve?What is the… Continue reading I Am My Own Destruction | Christian Poem

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What is Heavenly Wisdom?

For so long I sought the Lord everywhere except in His word. I felt so distant from Him unless I had experiences, symbols, or dreams. While I read scripture it was not often or with the proper understanding of context. But if you want like to hear my full testimony you can here. See: My… Continue reading What is Heavenly Wisdom?

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Joel Osteen ‘Self Positivity’ (Fight 4 Truth)

Twisting scripture into a candy-coated poison is something really hateful to do though the outside looks so “loving.” False teachers like Joel Osteen present these attractive motivational speeches that while leave the listener feeling good also starves the listener of Biblical truth, like the need to repent. As in the past when I have shared… Continue reading Joel Osteen ‘Self Positivity’ (Fight 4 Truth)

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Christ: The Hope of Glory

I have to admit something to you. I struggle having eyes focused on eternity every moment of every day. Often, I find myself just living the moment for right now. However, we are given so much more than today’s moment. For those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ, my dear sister, there is… Continue reading Christ: The Hope of Glory

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The Lovingkindness of God, Loved by God (R. C. Sproul)

The Lord keeps His word even in a dark and sinful world. What does lovingkindness mean and how we can learn from it? In today’s video pick, R. C. Sproul breaks down the word lovingkindness. He goes over the story of Hosea and how the names of Hosea’s children relate to what was happening with… Continue reading The Lovingkindness of God, Loved by God (R. C. Sproul)

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5 Scriptures To Meditate On This Month | The Gospel

Christmas is coming. What a beautiful season to reflect on scripture. I thought for December I would look at verses referring to the Gospel. At the bottom of the post, I will have more of an explanation defining the Gospel in-depth, as we never want to brush away the Gospel or water the Gospel down.… Continue reading 5 Scriptures To Meditate On This Month | The Gospel