2 Biblical Ways To Critique A Christian Worship Song

I apologize for not having my post for last week ready. It's important to have well researched the topics that what I want to share, and I want to be careful in how I present them. So, last week's post was going to discuss worship leaders and why we, in general, need to be careful … Continue reading 2 Biblical Ways To Critique A Christian Worship Song

Light | Meditate On Scripture

Edited (08/12/2020)- The purpose of this series is to meditate on scripture in its proper context. This is an older series that I've changed the title to. I've edited the scripture to meditate on, how to meditate on it, and a little of how to pray over the scripture.  Meditate- To ponder or contemplate.  Scripture … Continue reading Light | Meditate On Scripture

Godly Love| Meditate On Scripture

Edited 08/12/2020- This is an older series I am bringing up. I have changed the past title. The purpose is to focus on scripture and not take it out of context. Most of this post had been edited. Meditate- to contemplate or ponder Scripture To Meditate On- (NIV) 1 Peter 1:22, "Now that you have purified … Continue reading Godly Love| Meditate On Scripture

Shepherd | Meditate On Scripture

This is a series I started a little over 2 years ago, and I realized that the material had scriptures that were confusing and out of context. The way I talked about what we can focus on in some of the posts related a lot to the false teachings of a seeker driven/purpose finding nature … Continue reading Shepherd | Meditate On Scripture

A Lot of Us Do Not Really Know Why We Believe

Growing up as a Christian teen, many people around me couldn't talk to me about the topics I wanted to discuss. Instead of in-depth answers, I received maybe one to two sentences. Due to the short answers and sometimes blank stares, I became puffed up thinking I "knew so much." Regardless of what I knew … Continue reading A Lot of Us Do Not Really Know Why We Believe

What Are We “Fastening” Ourselves To?

One late morning, as other late mornings before me, I made coffee for my husband and myself. After bringing him his cup, I settled down in the kitchen with my Bible and began to do my daily reading for that day. An hour or so later, my husband enters the kitchen, "My coffee is cold," … Continue reading What Are We “Fastening” Ourselves To?

My Journey With Christ | Christian Poem

When my mind wanders as it had before. When the whispers linger right at my heart's door.   When the floor felt like it would fall beneath me. When my world shattered You were there for me.   You stood by when the witches appeared. You heard my cries when I was torn down inside. … Continue reading My Journey With Christ | Christian Poem

God’s Will | What Does The Bible Say?

I recently had a question posed by a sister in Christ, "How do we know God's will?" The timing of this is so perfect because today is Good Friday. A time to reflect on and remember Jesus giving His life up for ours. Before He was betrayed Jesus prayed for God to spare Him from … Continue reading God’s Will | What Does The Bible Say?

Cry Out For Jesus In This Weary World

Sheltered in place. Windows are locked. Car keys on hook. Closed in.   Yet, in the stillness thoughts race. In the quiet, fear screams.   Some wonder where You are. Some think this is Your judgment. Some think conspiracy. Some ask why.   My eyes fail from searching Your word, saying, "When will You comfort … Continue reading Cry Out For Jesus In This Weary World

Do Things In Secret & The Lord’s Prayer

One of the most well known parts of the Bible we will go over today. The Lord's Prayer. The most amazing Bible teaching Teacher tells us in the manner in which we need to pray and how to pray. But He also shows us how precious private time with God is. Today's Reading: Matthew Ch. … Continue reading Do Things In Secret & The Lord’s Prayer