Ask God To Break Down Walls

I chose the picture of my yellow lilies because the sunlight and the yellow remind me of the glory of God. I am trying to write down all of my post ideas into one place and discovered a poem/song that I did not publish last year. I was taken aback by how powerful it is, … Continue reading Ask God To Break Down Walls

Chains Falling On My Knees

My vulnerabilities are mocking me. Inviting the dark ones who haunt me when I cannot move.   Lord, God, You are strong. Lord, God, You have my hand. Please search throughout me. Please give me a way To get through this.   Because I cannot see Help me feel Your Spirit To walk forward. Set … Continue reading Chains Falling On My Knees

Breaking Fear | From My Heart

My worry and fear have been weighing heavy in my heart. Last night, I felt like God wanted me to pray specifically for chains to be broken and to ask for His rebuke against the Accuser and any spirit of darkness fighting against me. I felt such peace and a calmness fall over me. I … Continue reading Breaking Fear | From My Heart

Struggling Through All Of This | From My Heart

When I shared my life update on how hard this past week has been, I've been extremely thankful for everyone's feedback and kindness, along with your prayers. I wanted to write a prayer song giving God glory because of what He has done and is at work doing, even if I cannot see it. This … Continue reading Struggling Through All Of This | From My Heart