Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

What Is It Gonna Take? (Christian Song)

I thought I was past this. This mire and tears. And here I’m standing going no where. I thought I believedI thought that I had faith. But darkness comesand seems to have its way. What is it gonna takefor me to see? What is it gonna taketo see Your Sovereignty? What is it gonna take… Continue reading What Is It Gonna Take? (Christian Song)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Ask God To Break Down Walls

I chose the picture of my yellow lilies because the sunlight and the yellow remind me of the glory of God. I am trying to write down all of my post ideas into one place and discovered a poem/song that I did not publish last year. I was taken aback by how powerful it is,… Continue reading Ask God To Break Down Walls

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Why They Sing

Today was an odd day with dozens upon dozens of birds in the sky, which is what inspired this poem. 🙂  I saw so many birds today soaring through the clouds. I wondered about their song and why they flew aloud.   Was it the end of the times? As they circled like eagle's wings.… Continue reading Why They Sing