Faith | Spiritual Gifts & Debunking Word Of Faith Theology

Word of Faith Theology is deceptive, manipulative, and damaging. There was no possible way I would avoid talking about this because I do not want you to be misled. I can't cover everything today, but just know this post is NOT the last on this deception.  If you would like to learn about the beliefs … Continue reading Faith | Spiritual Gifts & Debunking Word Of Faith Theology

Discernment | Spiritual Gifts

Clarification (02/19/2020) - The spiritual gift of discernment relates to people being able to recognize false teachers, false believers, etc. It relates to testing the spirits. However, all Christians are called to test the spirits. Discernment, as the definition shows relates to judgment as well. We are to discern, to have proper judgment. Discernment relating … Continue reading Discernment | Spiritual Gifts

Tongues & Interpretation of Tongues

Basically, there is a division between Christians. Some think all spiritual gifts remain today, they are known as Continualists, and others think the apostlostic spirits (tongues/interpretation of tongues, healing, prophecy, and miracles) have ceased, they are known as Cessionalists. The way I look at it, dreams were used by God in both the Old and … Continue reading Tongues & Interpretation of Tongues