The First Dream I Recall As A Child

If you caught last week's post, I Didn’t Know Much As A Child When It Came To Jesus | Life Story you might recall I mentioned I "gave my life to Christ" when I was four. Or...well, I thought I did. See the post for more details. But as I said I think things started to … Continue reading The First Dream I Recall As A Child

Administration & Leading | Spiritual Gifts

In the same way, Moses was told by his father in law that he needed counsels and appointed leaders to help him manage everyone's problems, administrators and leaders help fill this purpose for a church today. (NIV) Romans 12:08, "...if it is to lead, do it diligently..." (ESV) 1 Corinthians 12:28, "And God has appointed … Continue reading Administration & Leading | Spiritual Gifts

Knowledge & Teaching | Spiritual Gifts

God doesn't care what our skill set is. He doesn't care what we are naturally gifted in. What we think we should do could be completely opposite of what God wants. John Bunyan, for example, was a son of a tinker. He was not well learned, yet, God used him to preach and eventually write … Continue reading Knowledge & Teaching | Spiritual Gifts

Helping Others, Serving, Giving | Spiritual Gifts

Not all spiritual gifts will put you front and center in the "spotlight." Truth be told, NONE of them actually should be used for the limelight. But there are spiritual gifts that are designated more for the background. When we think of the body of Christ, maybe we want to be a hand or a … Continue reading Helping Others, Serving, Giving | Spiritual Gifts

Healing & Miracles

Another set of conversational spiritual gifts. I really thought I would be able to cover these two when I covered tongues, but the last post took up a lot of space. So I decided to break them. I'm going to repeat just a few things if you didn't hear me say it before. We must … Continue reading Healing & Miracles

Sleeping With The Enemy & Cheating On Christ

Revelation in Proverbs? YUP! In the Bible, adultery is talked about quite a bit. We see people tempted with sexual desire and turn away. But it is important to understand adultery does not only have to relate to sexual desire. For true believers of Jesus, they, the Church, are the Bride to Christ, the Groom. … Continue reading Sleeping With The Enemy & Cheating On Christ

What Is The Gift Of Encouragement

Encouragement is a very special spiritual gift. One that often gets hidden. One that people may feel is not "good enough." But we are all told every part of the Body of Christ (the true Church) is important. Every toe is as important as an eye. (NIV) 1 Thessalonians 4:18, "Therefore encourage one another with … Continue reading What Is The Gift Of Encouragement