Christian Post I’d Recommend

I know a number of readers were sad to see the Community Spotlight series go, and I mentioned that I planned to have something else instead. This series allows me to focus on one post, and possibly in the future, a sermon, a YouTube video, or article from Christians. The post I want to recommend … Continue reading Christian Post I’d Recommend

Christian Bloggers YOU Recommend!

I just published the Community Blogger Buttons. Currently, I only have a couple of bloggers advertised. If you are a Christian blogger (meaning most of your blog is focused on Christ) and you have a blogger button OR logo please feel free to share on the button page. I do not have a lot of … Continue reading Christian Bloggers YOU Recommend!

5 Christian Bloggers To Check Out (3)

Welcome back to the little gathering place of the Christian community! I've got some awesome bloggers lined up for you! Last week I introduced 5 Christian Teen Bloggers and this weekend is all about 5 more Christian Bloggers. Now, I have QUITE a bit more of Christian bloggers to continue to share than I do Christian … Continue reading 5 Christian Bloggers To Check Out (3)

Dreaming Of Guatemala | Bloggers That Have Made A Difference To Me

I started this series to shine the light on those who have really helped me in my blogging journey through encouragement and inspiration.  This series idea has been on my heart for a few weeks, and the first name that always came to my mind on who should be first was Maggie.  Maggie was one … Continue reading Dreaming Of Guatemala | Bloggers That Have Made A Difference To Me

5 Christian Teen Bloggers | Round 2

Reminder- As I was going through those who submitted their blogs I realized I would have to make an additional rule. Your blog must have recent posts within the last month to be featured. *To view all rules see post below. I was hoping to do this series more weekly but it takes some time … Continue reading 5 Christian Teen Bloggers | Round 2

Favorite Online Sermons/Talks | Spotlight Opportunity

I like sharing the spotlight, and I like hearing about what speaks to others. I like on the weekends to have options available. Last week I shared Christian Radio Stations You Can Listen To Online and before I've shared 5 Christian Books You Can Download For Free. The radio post is taken care of, and I'll be able … Continue reading Favorite Online Sermons/Talks | Spotlight Opportunity

Alphabet Devotional | O

The letter "N" of last week got a lot of you to be extremely creative. Saying some of the words alone without the context won't make sense so I will be sharing than my average of three comments. Amazing thoughts everyone, thanks for sharing! 🙂 Loved by the King of kings said, "Never leaves me … Continue reading Alphabet Devotional | O