Community Spotlight | January ’20

It's been really nice to stay more consistent with bloggers. I've been able to read more and comment more. However, the pressure is gone now that I realize I don't have to read every post or every blogger. These posts were all written in January 2020 or before. The link is shared in the title … Continue reading Community Spotlight | January ’20

Quotes From You | January ’20

My Grammarly says the text of everyone's quotes overall sounds appreciative and that definitely rings true. A lot of these quotes focus on lessons the Lord is showing everyone. I have been able to visit more this past month, and I'm really excited to share many, many quotes with you all from the community! These … Continue reading Quotes From You | January ’20

Quotes From You | November & December ’19

Where is our reality? Do we mask our sin? God is faithful. He helps us command our soul. We must not forget everything God has done for us, like the people of Israel did, but being open to the Lord means He will use us.  This is only a summary of a theme we see … Continue reading Quotes From You | November & December ’19

Community Posts | November & December ’19

I got TOTALLY behind on this with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I really try to have about 9- 12 bloggers spotlighted if possible for each month, but that's not always going to be the case. Also, I am not planning on reading as many posts from people in order that I can be more consistent in … Continue reading Community Posts | November & December ’19

Community Spotlight | October ’19

There is an assortment of topics in this month's post. I am working on slightly changing this series, but I'll decide what to do more towards the end of the year. For now, let's take a look around the community and what others were posting. All posts were written in October of 2019 or before.  … Continue reading Community Spotlight | October ’19

Community Spotlight | September ’19

Vulnerability, trials, and gratitude. That is one of the best ways to describe this monthly selection of posts from Christian bloggers. Always love it when people take things deeper and many of these posts do, as well, as lighten up the seriousness with a positive focus on Jesus. All of these posts have been written … Continue reading Community Spotlight | September ’19

Quotes From You | September ’19

We all need encouragement from the community and these posts are some of my favorites. Every single time I think, "Do I want to stop this series?" I read what everyone is saying and it just moves me to keep on sharing. All of these posts were written in September 2019 or before. The link … Continue reading Quotes From You | September ’19