The Comforter Abides In Me! (Moving Mountains)

This is not going to be my normal Thursday post. It's going to be a little lighter. For the past two weeks, I have been waking up and thinking of a song in which the chorus talks about Jesus abiding in us. I grew up in a small church and hymns were sung up into … Continue reading The Comforter Abides In Me! (Moving Mountains)

Focus On God | 3 Quotes You Need This Week

Today, let's focus on God. Aside from the worry. Aside from others. I know we all need this reminder. "Those who leave everything in God's hands will eventually see God's hands in everything."  - This is so true! If we focus on Him, we will see Him! If we are not looking for Him, we won't … Continue reading Focus On God | 3 Quotes You Need This Week

Comfort & Strength

It was silly to any other person, she knew it. But not to Him. The things she noticed, He cared about. The things she whispered alone in the night, He listened. Alone, yet not alone. Silent, yet always heard. She found comfort in Him. Though her heart was worn, He placed comfort and strength inside. … Continue reading Comfort & Strength

Midweek Inspiration | Keep Strong, The Battle Is Not Over

I know some of you are going through some really tough situations right now. It's easy for our enemy to sneer at us, and try to push us into the mud. It's hard to keep fighting and believing strong. But is exactly what we must do!!! I've noticed the more I have been getting closer … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Keep Strong, The Battle Is Not Over

Almighty | From My Heart

I never know how these songs/prayer poems will turn out until they are done. Today is about trusting God despite the world, our own fears, and our worries. Inspired with help from the song The Secret Place- by Phil Wickham I know that You are with me, Lord even when I cannot see. Almighty. Almighty. … Continue reading Almighty | From My Heart

I Saw My Life In His Hands | Life Chat

I had another post planned, one that I have already put off two weeks in a row because a new idea came up. This is one reason why I try to write as much on the spot I can with new ideas. But what just happened to me only about a minute ago gave me … Continue reading I Saw My Life In His Hands | Life Chat

My Rock, My Sword, My Shield| March ’18 Scripture

There was a song I was introduced to from my Little Rock church family. The song was called, "I'm gonna praise His name." There's a lyric that says, "My rock. My sword. My shield," and when I found this scripture I was reminded of this song. 🙂 (NIV) 2 Samuel 22:02-04, "He said: "The LORD … Continue reading My Rock, My Sword, My Shield| March ’18 Scripture

How Do I Avoid Temptation?

(Edited: February 20th, 2021)  First off, this post isn't just for new believers. Everyone should read this. The question I received was, "How to avoid temptation?" I went through looking at scriptures, trying to break down temptation. There are a lot of components to it. The word sounds simple enough, but there are a lot … Continue reading How Do I Avoid Temptation?

New Year 2017 | Turn over to the Lord

These burdens once were mine. But now, Lord they are Yours.   Each second that passes draw me closer to You.   Heart beats. Tears stream. With lifted hands take what is mine.   My burdens My problems. My guilt. My shame.   My blind eyes You cause to see. My tired hands. You lift … Continue reading New Year 2017 | Turn over to the Lord