Season Of Trial In My Life

My husband was getting out of the military and we were in a different state, at the time, we had to figure out where to go from there. So many factors went against us relating to time. We didn't get paperwork back from a leader until the very last minute. We had to sign papers … Continue reading Season Of Trial In My Life

Torn Wing

You ever start to fall asleep and then start to hear lines of your story, or some lines of poetry. That is what happened with this poem. The first two lines appeared to me just as I fell asleep and everything else came from this inspiration.  She was numb to the sunshine, But cold to … Continue reading Torn Wing

Go With The Unexpected

I've had to tell myself that the only person who is really holding myself accountable to the blog schedule is me. Meaning if I want to jump around or have some posts in a different order it is completely ok. Sometimes in life we expect or even desire things to go a particular way. But … Continue reading Go With The Unexpected

Morning Reminder | Flash Fiction

Sunlight streamed through the opened window as a slight morning breeze blew in. Standing against the sink water dripped from her hand and onto her face as she wiped her forehead. Dishes were done. It was not a typical morning for her, in fact, she hardly got up this early. But the songs of cardinals … Continue reading Morning Reminder | Flash Fiction

The Lamp Post | Flash Fiction

(I was not planning on writing today. But as I was worshipping God I kept having this strong scene in my mind, and I just had to write a piece on the message. I hope it speaks to you.) Raindrops fall down my face against the darkening skies. Sunset had not appeared. It vanished before … Continue reading The Lamp Post | Flash Fiction

Mistakes Cause Us To Look At What We Missed The First Time

What are we missing the first time around? Today, the day I write this, I returned back home with my husband from visiting family. We had the car fully packed. Christmas gifts, traveling bags, my make up, and little odds and ends. "Do you have..." and, "Did you grab..." were questions we both asked each … Continue reading Mistakes Cause Us To Look At What We Missed The First Time

Take Time To Reflect | My Year, My God

Where I am it is the last Friday of the year 2017. These next coming days keep reminding me of where I was at nearly a year ago. New Year's midnight. I actually have a post coming out on Monday talking about this blog, and how it's grown because growth was something I gave to … Continue reading Take Time To Reflect | My Year, My God

Midweek Inspiration | Let Burdens Roll (Christ’s Blood)

Sunshine reminds us of hope. As the clouds pass by. Let the weight of burdens roll.   Pay no attention to the lies. Don't listen to those who despise. Let the weight of burdens roll.     Remembering His first cry as a babe to His last cry on a cross. Let the weight of … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Let Burdens Roll (Christ’s Blood)

Stillness Exists In Chaos

(Edited: February 20th, 2021)  I remember her saying, "I really don't want you two to be homeless." Fear sinking its teeth into my heart. I wrote during this past summer about how everything was swarming in front of me. So many fears about my husband getting out of the military, movers arriving in time, etc. I … Continue reading Stillness Exists In Chaos