Difference Between Legalism & Godly Living (Condensed)

Arguments and varying opinions about legalism and godliness is not something uncommon on my blog. A huge misunderstanding I think just comes by people's assumptions by what I mean, and that's my fault for not clarifying better. My last post covering this What Is Godly/Holy Living | Am I Living A Defiled Life? taught me that I … Continue reading Difference Between Legalism & Godly Living (Condensed)

Where I Am Mentally & How You Can Pray For Me

Update: I appreciate everyone's words and prayers. The day I wrote this post I had sat down and prepared a few other posts, something I hadn't done in months. I realized I needed to change my schedule, which is now 2 posts a week, instead of 5. I am now getting back into the heart of … Continue reading Where I Am Mentally & How You Can Pray For Me

Hidden Pride (My Struggle With Validation)

Validation. It's a struggle I've had since a preteen. When I had little self-esteem in myself feeling validated felt REALLY good. Praise. Admiration. You name it. Pride & Humility Unfortunately feeling validated doesn't give us self-esteem or confidence. We are always going to want more. As I slowly began to gain my self-esteem back and … Continue reading Hidden Pride (My Struggle With Validation)

Knowledge Doesn’t Make You A “Mature” Christian (I’m A Hypocrite)

I was looking over a past conflict I had with someone a couple years ago. There were concerning issues I saw with their walk with Jesus, and I tried to encourage them to be wary of becoming stubborn in what they thought was right. Yeah, not something easy to say...let alone hear on the other side. … Continue reading Knowledge Doesn’t Make You A “Mature” Christian (I’m A Hypocrite)

Feeling Overwhelmed

I'm sure everyone has those days. Restlessness. Boredom. Sadness. Restraint on anger is less than usual. Today was one of those days for me. Flustered and frustration definitely wanted to invite themselves over, and I simply do not have time for that. Sometimes I get like this in the winter, but it was a beautiful sunny … Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed

I Write With Blood Ink (So Be It)

People wonder about my writing. They question what am I doing? Wasting time on this blog, and wasting time on my book. The ones who never read my poems, let alone, know where to look. They see me with no signs attached, dollars, that is. My value and worth, somehow, have been placed in their … Continue reading I Write With Blood Ink (So Be It)

Ashamed, I Knew I Was Choosing Sin Over God

Age 16, sitting in the corner of my room, between my door and the door to my closet, I felt entirely defeated. I knew sin had won this victory over me.  I want you, the reader, to understand why the Lord is so precious and special to me. I realize I haven't shared a lot … Continue reading Ashamed, I Knew I Was Choosing Sin Over God

Can People Have Different Convictions?

This is a topic that definitely has been discussed multiple times in my comments and by other bloggers. Growing up in the church, I truly was of the mindset that people will get convicted differently. Today, I still think there are somethings that people will be convicted of differently, but it is not what a … Continue reading Can People Have Different Convictions?

Struggle Of Being A Nitpicker

I wouldn't say I'm nitpicky. Nitpicky- Looking for small, or unimportant faults, especially to criticize someone.  Yeah, that's not me!  Until I read today's devotional which touched on a wise warning from Jesus. (NIV) Matthew 7:03, "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank … Continue reading Struggle Of Being A Nitpicker

“That’s Trashy!” – Sorry, I Don’t Live In A Catalog

"That's trashy," a comment I saw regarding how one wife believes countertops should be spotless. They shouldn't have anything on them. That's what other cabinet space is for. And you absolutely can have spotless countertops if your heart so desires.  Of course, it's okay to have an opinion, not like she was talking to me directly, … Continue reading “That’s Trashy!” – Sorry, I Don’t Live In A Catalog