Wanting Someone To Go To Hell (Or Pointing Fingers At Hypocrites) May Put YOU In Hell

T. R.'s Note To Reader- Please understand, we really need to look at our OWN lives with this post. Not others. That's kinda the whole point. However, I do have a note about healthy boundaries at the bottom.  They did awful things and hurt others. They deserve to go to Hell! I can't wait!  Or … Continue reading Wanting Someone To Go To Hell (Or Pointing Fingers At Hypocrites) May Put YOU In Hell

Keep Writing The Book

Dear T. R, I've received your letter in which you shared your doubts. How this book is different than the past ones. It will be your fourth book, but first of the series. Yes, you've been working on forming the series since 2013, and it may feel like it's dragging. But do not forget everything … Continue reading Keep Writing The Book

I Thought I Blasphemed The Holy Spirit | Obsessive & Intrusive Thoughts

First, and foremost, I'm not against medicine. I think God provides medicine for the mind, in the same way, He provides medicine and help (like physical therapy) for the body. Also, I am not a licensed doctor or therapist.  Our mind is a lot more complex than any other part of our body. It often … Continue reading I Thought I Blasphemed The Holy Spirit | Obsessive & Intrusive Thoughts

Gospel Journey | Satan Claimed He Had “Authority”

Satan said a lot of stuff to Christ to try to tempt Him. Last time, we started to cover the beginning of Christ's temptation and today we are going to finish it. There are some really interesting differences between Matthew and Luke especially. Let's dive in! Today's Reading: Matthew, 4:07-11 Mark 1:13, and Luke 4:05-13  … Continue reading Gospel Journey | Satan Claimed He Had “Authority”

I Can’t Be A “Perfect” Christian

"I am the LORD your God; consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy." Leviticus 11:44 (NIV)  One of the most intimidating messages of being a Christian is that we are to be holy. We are to be blameless. And up until Jesus Christ, not one human was worthy enough to be called "perfect." … Continue reading I Can’t Be A “Perfect” Christian

Gospel Journey | Was Christ Tempted For Forty Days Or Fasting For Forty Days?

It feels like it has been a while since we have returned after the baptism of Jesus because last week instead of focusing on the New Testament I continued 2 Samuel. (Also, I had the last three posts of this section already written so...it's been awhile for me.) Easter is approaching the next few weeks and … Continue reading Gospel Journey | Was Christ Tempted For Forty Days Or Fasting For Forty Days?

Go With The Unexpected

I've had to tell myself that the only person who is really holding myself accountable to the blog schedule is me. Meaning if I want to jump around or have some posts in a different order it is completely ok. Sometimes in life we expect or even desire things to go a particular way. But … Continue reading Go With The Unexpected

Jackson’s Birth Story (Sara’s Story, A Reblog)

I know Sara in real life, and we as the community have actually been praying for Jackson since he has been born. Sara was brave enough to ask me to help her edit her story as she wanted to reach out to other families who may have gone through something similar.

Jackson’s story is one of a miracle baby. A story of how God provided and how His hand never left even in hard times. Please show Sara some support and read about the power of God.

And thank you, Sara, for trusting me with your story ❤

Our Fingerprint

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

On July 23, 2017, my husband, Jason, was outside mowing the yard and I was eating breakfast. We had just had a “date night” the evening before for our birthdays and we were planning to relax the rest of the day. Something came over me to take a pregnancy test, even though I knew it was early, I couldn’t wait. There it was, a very faint pink second line, my jaw dropped.

I ran into the yard to wave Jason down. I dragged him into the house and showed him. We immediately started crying, right there in the entryway to our home. 7 pregnancy tests and a doctor’s appointment later, we had it confirmed, we were pregnant!

img_2948 First Ultrasound

One Sunday evening, around week 8, I felt a rush of blood and instantly panicked. We called the after-hours OB/GYN and they told us…

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Song Sunday | Walk On The Water (Britt Nicole)

When doubt falls upon us and we struggle believing, this is the song to cling to. "Walk On The Water," by Britt Nicole We don't have to fear going to God when we share insecurity and doubt. Trust the Potter to mold you through the moment and through the wave. Trusting Him makes our fear … Continue reading Song Sunday | Walk On The Water (Britt Nicole)