Interpreting Dreams & Christian Error

Dreams carry significance as well as cryptic confusion. The Bible is clear that dreams have been used by God. (See: Why Are Dreams Used By God) However, as I stated in How To Interpret Dreams we need to go to God first before we interpret and we need to understand that dreams may not be what we think … Continue reading Interpreting Dreams & Christian Error

How To Interpret Dreams

When someone has a dream and wonders what it means, do they come to us or do we come to them? Where do we seek answers? I can't tell you the number of times someone has asked me what I think of their dream, and I do not pray first. It's tempting to jump in … Continue reading How To Interpret Dreams

Shaken Church Body & 3 Lions | Dream Collab

Only through Christ can we conquer. Our hearts need revival.  I'm really excited to share today's post as a collab with my close sister in Christ, Grace, from Following Him Beside Still Waters. Today, on her blog, she shares a dream as well. In fact, the dream she shares is what God used to blossom … Continue reading Shaken Church Body & 3 Lions | Dream Collab

Giant, Demon, Fire- Dream Experience(s)

I have not written a dream experience post in a while. But I've been having some dreams. Now, these posts are not meant for anyone to feel like they should interpret my dream for me. I'm not asking that. All the dreams I've shared previously I always have a message or symbol that I take … Continue reading Giant, Demon, Fire- Dream Experience(s)