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Answering Claims of the Hebrew Roots, Pt. 1 (Cultish)

Hebrews Roots is not the only group that believes we are to follow the law. As discussed in the video, there are some other cults that believe we are to keep to the law, festivals, etc. People can celebrate Jewish festivals and be Christian. As you’ll learn that’s not the issue in the Hebrew Roots’… Continue reading Answering Claims of the Hebrew Roots, Pt. 1 (Cultish)

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Jehovah’s Witness & Seventh Day Adventists – Christian or Cult? (Proverbs 9:10 Ministries)

Christianity and cults were not two words I associated together. Christian cults were not something I thought much about, until a few years ago. In 2020, I started learning more about various groups that I thought were Christian because they claimed to be. I’ve been slowly going over Walter Martin’s “Kingdom of the Cults,” in… Continue reading Jehovah’s Witness & Seventh Day Adventists – Christian or Cult? (Proverbs 9:10 Ministries)

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80% of Americans Get this Wrong (Answers in Genesis)

What beliefs are varying in America? What does it mean to read the Bible literally? What kind of theology is being pushed on the school system? And more in today’s video pick. To encourage you to check out the video I’ve summarized the commentary by turning it into questions. If you would like the answers,… Continue reading 80% of Americans Get this Wrong (Answers in Genesis)


Fluff Theology 101 (Instagram Reel) Just wanted to share a little fun, I’ve been working on. I cover a lot of heavy topics on my blog, and on Instagram I want to share some lighter stuff, too. If my reels cover topics I share on my blog, I thought it might be fun to share on here, too. The… Continue reading Fluff Theology 101 (Instagram Reel)

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Is Jesus The Only Way (John MacArthur)

Today begins Palm Sunday, and this sermon recommendation begins a week full of posts for Resurrection Sunday, focusing on the Gospel, and giving the Lord Jesus the glory. Today’s sermon pick is from John MacArthur. What makes Christianity stand out so much and can the sinner discover the truth of Christ on her own or… Continue reading Is Jesus The Only Way (John MacArthur)

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Introducing New Series | Bite-Sized

I write about a lot of topics that require an in-depth look. Especially regarding false teachings, I want to help people think critically about what the word of God says compared to what those masked as followers of Christ say compared to what the world says. What we often see are wolves in sheep’s clothing… Continue reading Introducing New Series | Bite-Sized

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The Theology of Christmas (John MacArthur)

(Updated: January 12th, 2022) The theology of Christmas is the Gospel message, and it’s important every Christian understand. Pastor John MacArthur focuses on Philippians 2:05-11. Jesus Christ is God and He is Lord. Pastor MacArthur says this is the theology of Christmas. 1. He abandoned a sovereign position Christ was, is, and will forever be… Continue reading The Theology of Christmas (John MacArthur)