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One Reason Why American Christians Are Struggling So Badly

There are a lot of how-to books out there and cutesy devotionals for women. We are given drips of water to partake of, if that. We are a glutton in America, and yet starve for spiritual truth. Why? Recently, I’ve spoken to a handful of Christian women, and we’ve covered topics of what it means… Continue reading One Reason Why American Christians Are Struggling So Badly

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

The Hand That Chisels

In joy, the sun-kissed skies dance along the waves of grass. I am free, as the wind blows. The days are short and pass. In darkness, the rain weeps down.Loudly pounding the ground.I am chained and broken.The days are long and nights longer. In bliss, I am merry. In darkness, I am consumed. In light,… Continue reading The Hand That Chisels

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Sunshine In The Heart (Charles Spurgeon)

Spurgeon is one of my favorite Reformers. He has a ton of powerful quotes, and more importantly, they give glory and credit to God. Listening to this one was definitely a blessing in timing. Spurgeon makes the point that the spirit God places within us delights in Him. The human nature is what struggles to… Continue reading Sunshine In The Heart (Charles Spurgeon)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Cotton Candy Life | Christian Poem

Oh, how I long for the good days! Frolicking in the meadows. Where sunsets are always golden. Air scented with lilac petals. How I wish for lovely feelings and no pain to come nearby.Everything goes right around me.There are no tears or heavy sighs. A cotton candy life. Yes, please, I am so fragile. I… Continue reading Cotton Candy Life | Christian Poem