Desperately Seek Wisdom

Proverbs never ceases to give amazing pieces of advice. Today is all about wisdom. Today's Reading | Ch. 2  First, we are told to listen and treasure commands. But then second, we are instructed to listen more deeply and concentrate on understanding. We are to cry out for insight and ask for understanding. We are … Continue reading Desperately Seek Wisdom

Proverbs | Hints Of Hell For The Sinner

In addition to adding Psalms, I will also be starting Proverbs as well, which I'm excited to start going over. INTRO - Proverbs is known as the "book of wisdom" written by Solomon. Proverbs covers everything relating to life. It is often written in a poetic form but it is also full of stories, parables, … Continue reading Proverbs | Hints Of Hell For The Sinner