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Doing Apologetics In An Anti-Apologetic Age (Voddie Baucham)

Christians must know what they believe because we have many false converts who have no idea of the truth. In addition to the false converts, everyone needs to hear the truth of Christ. We must not only know what and why we believe, but we must be able to explain why we believe. Today, Voddie… Continue reading Doing Apologetics In An Anti-Apologetic Age (Voddie Baucham)

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Honest With God | Grown In Grace (Doug Wilson)

How should we pray? So many people I’ve met have this struggle. How can I grow in Christ? Have we ever wondered about our growth as a Christian? Do we look back on the past year and see a difference? Or are we at a standstill? Why might that be? In today’s sermon pick, I… Continue reading Honest With God | Grown In Grace (Doug Wilson)

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The Purpose of Suffering (R. C. Sproul)

“The war begins in the mind. Hostilities break out when people come to different conclusions on how to live.” - R. C. Sproul With the Christian, all things are working toward our good and God’s glory, even when we do not have the answers. Eventually, this temporal pain will be just a vapor, and then… Continue reading The Purpose of Suffering (R. C. Sproul)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Cotton Candy Life | Christian Poem

Oh, how I long for the good days! Frolicking in the meadows. Where sunsets are always golden. Air scented with lilac petals. How I wish for lovely feelings and no pain to come nearby.Everything goes right around me.There are no tears or heavy sighs. A cotton candy life. Yes, please, I am so fragile. I… Continue reading Cotton Candy Life | Christian Poem