I Write With Blood Ink (So Be It)

People wonder about my writing. They question what am I doing? Wasting time on this blog, and wasting time on my book. The ones who never read my poems, let alone, know where to look. They see me with no signs attached, dollars, that is. My value and worth, somehow, have been placed in their … Continue reading I Write With Blood Ink (So Be It)

Are You Praying…While You Write/Blog/Comment?

Surrendering all to the Lord means exactly that. We must submit and surrender everything over to the Lord on a daily basis. Christian bloggers and writers, are you listening? Tomorrow I have a post that covers a topic a lot of people, believers especially, have varied thoughts and opinions on. It's a topic that, as … Continue reading Are You Praying…While You Write/Blog/Comment?

Keep Writing The Book

Dear T. R, I've received your letter in which you shared your doubts. How this book is different than the past ones. It will be your fourth book, but first of the series. Yes, you've been working on forming the series since 2013, and it may feel like it's dragging. But do not forget everything … Continue reading Keep Writing The Book

Back To Schedule | Thoughts On Life & Blog

I recently visited with family and friends and you may have noticed a lack of posts. Last year I remember spending a lot of time trying to prep posts beforehand but then during my visit when I had time to myself, instead of unwinding, I would try to stick to the schedule. This year God … Continue reading Back To Schedule | Thoughts On Life & Blog

Author Interview | Allyson Kennedy

Today I am doing something new. We have a Christian author in the midst of our blogging community and she had recently released a book, Can't Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl. She is doing a blog tour to help get the word out, and I was really interested in getting to know her … Continue reading Author Interview | Allyson Kennedy

5 Ways To Be Inspired With Ideas As A Christian Blogger

I had just finished reading a post by Fractured Faith Blog inspiring people to blog. And one point made in the post discusses how many people struggle to write because they feel like they have no ideas. Which made me want to share some things that have helped me stay inspired. 🙂 Not all of … Continue reading 5 Ways To Be Inspired With Ideas As A Christian Blogger

Vision Becoming Reality | Dear T.R.

Dear T.R. I'm not too surprised to hear you open up about your feelings on this topic because looking back the signs were always there. But it is only now you are starting to see the pieces form a puzzle. I remember you sharing with me how as a little girl you sat on your … Continue reading Vision Becoming Reality | Dear T.R.

I Am Back!!! | New Schedule/Life Chat

First, I want to thank all of you who were so encouraging and understanding last week when I took a break from reading posts and blogging. I shared a post on my second blog, some of you have already checked out, which was I Was Getting Burnt Out I shared my journey about starting Peeking Beneath and … Continue reading I Am Back!!! | New Schedule/Life Chat