Where I Am Mentally & How You Can Pray For Me

Update: I appreciate everyone's words and prayers. The day I wrote this post I had sat down and prepared a few other posts, something I hadn't done in months. I realized I needed to change my schedule, which is now 2 posts a week, instead of 5. I am now getting back into the heart of … Continue reading Where I Am Mentally & How You Can Pray For Me

Whispers, Dining With The Enemy, The Screwtape Letters

I've been covering the book, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis with a close sister in Christ. I am reminded over and over again how darkness truly tries to disguise itself so we turn against God and others. How deception will corrupt us from the inside masking anger, bitterness, and allow us to see ourselves … Continue reading Whispers, Dining With The Enemy, The Screwtape Letters

5 Post Ideas For The Christian Blogger

When ideas you lack, I got your back For the past few weeks, I've been thinking about my drafts, a notebook, and a document I have on my phone. All of these are places I write down post ideas. Immediate thoughts that stir my heart. I have well over one hundred and probably two hundred … Continue reading 5 Post Ideas For The Christian Blogger

He’s Coming Soon, Only Endure!

You're the One who gets me through. Waters crash and my soul breaks inside, But then, I hear the Thunder and a roar. A fire that deepens within, A cry comes out.   Listen for the whisper. Let the rain fall over you. His hand will never leave. Can't you see, He's coming? Only endure! … Continue reading He’s Coming Soon, Only Endure!

Comfort & Strength

It was silly to any other person, she knew it. But not to Him. The things she noticed, He cared about. The things she whispered alone in the night, He listened. Alone, yet not alone. Silent, yet always heard. She found comfort in Him. Though her heart was worn, He placed comfort and strength inside. … Continue reading Comfort & Strength

Are We Listening To God In Our Writing Or Self?

It is really easy to get sidetracked in our writing or blogging. We can easily make things about ourselves or dive into tangents of our feelings. I know I certainly struggle with the temptation of tangents and ranting, going on and on about something without making a point. God often uses my writing to convict … Continue reading Are We Listening To God In Our Writing Or Self?

Author Interview | Allyson Kennedy

Today I am doing something new. We have a Christian author in the midst of our blogging community and she had recently released a book, Can't Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl. She is doing a blog tour to help get the word out, and I was really interested in getting to know her … Continue reading Author Interview | Allyson Kennedy

The Lamp Post | Flash Fiction

(I was not planning on writing today. But as I was worshipping God I kept having this strong scene in my mind, and I just had to write a piece on the message. I hope it speaks to you.) Raindrops fall down my face against the darkening skies. Sunset had not appeared. It vanished before … Continue reading The Lamp Post | Flash Fiction

Like Everyone Else

Be like a penny. Start out new and shiny. Stand out...even though you look exactly like everyone else. Everyone's value remains the same. Your inner beauty relies on vanity. There's no power. Though you might think you have some over the crowd. There's no difference. You lie to yourself.   And yet...everyone accepts the lie. … Continue reading Like Everyone Else