Theology | Good & Bad (What To Know)

This page is to share posts covering theological topics.

Theology is simply studying God and God’s relation to the world. This tends to consist of understanding God’s characteristics and how He acts. Theology also covers learning how we can connect to God.

There is a lot of bad theology out there, which is why it is important we know the truth. Reality is that theology is in everything and affects how we see the world around us, including music, as you’ll see below.

Relating To The Gospel
Why Did A Loving God Kill His Son? (Does God Hate?)
Why Would A Loving God Send His Son To Die (Condensed Version With Summary Notes)
Righteousness Points To Jesus | Christ In The Old Testament

False Teaching | Christian Mysticism, Still Small Voice/Hearing God?
Should We Use Our Emotions As Truth? | What Is Emotionalism?
Contemplative Prayer/Spirituality | What You Need To Know About That “Still, Small Voice”
The Still Small Voice | Problems With People Speaking As “Jesus”
Christian Mysticism | Are We Putting God In A Box?
False Teachers Are Like Abusers & My Own Recant Of “Hearing From God”

Questions About God/Characteristics About God | Bible Study
Where Is God In Evil?
What Does It Mean To Ask, Seek, & Knock (Completely Edited & Updated From 2018)
My Rock. My Sword. My Shield. | Scripture (Clarity/Update)

False Teachers/Teaching
False Teachers Are Like Abusers & My Own Recant Of “Hearing From God”
Why Have I Been Writing Heavy Posts Lately? (Calling Out False Teachers/Teachings)
Faith | Spiritual Gifts & Debunking Word Of Faith Theology
How To Identify A False Teacher (Pastor/Mentor)

Theology Behind Christian Music
2 Biblical Ways To Critique A Christian Worship Song
Why Do Christian Artists Fall Away? (Do You Know Your Lyrics?)

Resources For Understanding Fallacies (I may not support everything presented on the website) – A fallacy is a false belief usually formed from an unsound argument

List of 16 Most Common Logical Fallacies Explained with Examples
Logical Fallacies List
Identifying Fallacies

Recommended Videos/Resources
Video Playlist: Recommended on Inside Cup (Videos that I’ve talked about before, will make an appearance, or fit the target audience’s interest.)
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Page: Recommended Websites For False Teachers/Teaching

(Updated: December 4th, 2021)