Community Spotlight| March ’20

Spring is here! Despite what is going on and how our lives have changed, we walk forward and rejoice in the Lord! All of the selected posts from bloggers can be viewed by clicking their click. These posts were written in March of 2020 or before.  Shae (Teen Meet God) - Do You Take God's … Continue reading Community Spotlight| March ’20

Quotes From YOU | March ’20

The month of March in the United States was very unique for Americans. We began to take COVID-19 seriously and many states, as well as the president, put emphasis and measures in place. As you'll see, many bloggers around the world were writing about what God was revealing to them during this time of isolation … Continue reading Quotes From YOU | March ’20

Community Posts | November & December ’19

I got TOTALLY behind on this with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I really try to have about 9- 12 bloggers spotlighted if possible for each month, but that's not always going to be the case. Also, I am not planning on reading as many posts from people in order that I can be more consistent in … Continue reading Community Posts | November & December ’19

Christian Bloggers YOU Recommend!

I just published the Community Blogger Buttons. Currently, I only have a couple of bloggers advertised. If you are a Christian blogger (meaning most of your blog is focused on Christ) and you have a blogger button OR logo please feel free to share on the button page. I do not have a lot of … Continue reading Christian Bloggers YOU Recommend!

Community Spotlight | July ’19

We still have a few weeks of summer left, but not much! There have been a lot of powerful posts these past months and July was no different! I hope you find a post that speaks to you and draws you closer to Jesus. NEW BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT (Sarah Mozingo)  - Submitting To Leadership- What do … Continue reading Community Spotlight | July ’19

Community Spotlight | May ’19

And with that May is over, June is almost over! These posts have been gathered around the Christian Blogging community. I hope they speak to you. I'm excited to share some new bloggers on this series today. As always, this is NEVER to make anyone feel like they need to make this list. I can't … Continue reading Community Spotlight | May ’19

5 Christian Teen Bloggers (3)

I apologize for the delay. The last time I was able to do this spotlight was in March. I hope to do to these about once a month, if possible. I'm almost up to April comments of those who wanted to be featured. Thanks for your patience, everyone! I want to add, again, that not … Continue reading 5 Christian Teen Bloggers (3)

Quotes From You | April ’19

April came and went but not without some powerful messages. As always, these posts are not meant to make anyone feel like you need to make this list. I read a lot posts from various bloggers I can't list them all. I hope you find some quotes that speak to you, and perhaps, some new … Continue reading Quotes From You | April ’19

Quotes From You | March ’19

A month that blossoms with the hope of spring. Thank you for being patient! This post would have been sooner, but the week usually for community posts I used preparing for Resurrection Day. 🙂 These are the quotes that spoke to me in the month of March  "What I am saying is that the bigger … Continue reading Quotes From You | March ’19

Quotes From You| February ’19 Highlights

Quotes from YOU is a way to not only advertise Christian bloggers and their posts but to give you an idea of who these bloggers are. Selecting a particular quote from a blogger’s post that stands out to me, that I hope, stands out to you. Usually, in a quote post, I select few, but this … Continue reading Quotes From You| February ’19 Highlights