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Why Is It Important To Know The Basics Of Christianity?

Charles Spurgeon once said. "I never will believe a man to be a Christian merely because he has dreamed himself one; for a dreamy religion will make a man a dreamer all his life and such dreamers will have an awful waking at last, if that is all they have to trust to." Something I'm… Continue reading Why Is It Important To Know The Basics Of Christianity?

Life Application (Bible To Life)

My Phone Is More Important Than God (Throwback)

Updated: July 27th, 2021 - Published Originally in 2019 Maybe for you it's a kindle, laptop, tv, book, game, hobby, iPod, puzzle, newspaper, etc. It might even be family. Fill in the blank. You know where your priorities are. I just had it. Where did it go? Pillows get thrown onto the floor as my… Continue reading My Phone Is More Important Than God (Throwback)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Cotton Candy Life | Christian Poem

Oh, how I long for the good days! Frolicking in the meadows. Where sunsets are always golden. Air scented with lilac petals. How I wish for lovely feelings and no pain to come nearby.Everything goes right around me.There are no tears or heavy sighs. A cotton candy life. Yes, please, I am so fragile. I… Continue reading Cotton Candy Life | Christian Poem


Sarcasm In The Bible (New Series)

For almost a year, I’ve been studying what exactly does it mean to be gentle? How does this relate to speech? How does this relate to our feelings? Where does emotionalism come into play (and the problems it brings)? My main questions being, “If the definition of gentleness is subjective (based on how a person… Continue reading Sarcasm In The Bible (New Series)


Community Prayer | July ‘21

Let’s finish 2021 with praise! If you have an answered prayer SHARE BELOW and I’ll add them each month to the list. 🙂 Let’s praise also, while we pray!  This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check-in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. Thank you! Let’s work together on prayer… Continue reading Community Prayer | July ‘21


Beautiful Cage (UnAshamed)

For awhile now, I’ve been desiring to write a poem inspired heavily by Pilgrim’s Progress cage of despair. I finally sat down, and wrote the following over on my blog UnAshamed Christian Housewife. I would like to write a post on here, later, digging into the lines, while sharing a ton of scripture to go… Continue reading Beautiful Cage (UnAshamed)

Christian Blogger Stuff

5 Things You Will Likely Struggle With As A Christian Blogger (Throwback)

This is an updated post from 2019. I’ve updated it quite a bit, and thought it might be helpful to share again. Obviously, not everyone will have these problems, but I wanted to target common problems I’ve had personally and/or seen other bloggers discuss that they’ve experienced. Updated June 4th, 2021 Today, I wanted to… Continue reading 5 Things You Will Likely Struggle With As A Christian Blogger (Throwback)


If We Cannot Judge, Then Convos Are Made Void

A few weeks ago, I received a comment that struggled with one of my posts. Like many who disagree with topics, the immediate scripture of, “you shouldn’t judge,” was introduced. And the rest of the comment proceeded to do what I was accused of...I was severely judged and told I was wrong because I was… Continue reading If We Cannot Judge, Then Convos Are Made Void


Speaking Without Pausing (UnAshamed)

Really enjoyed writing up this post that I worked on over at UnAshamed Christian Housewife. Wanted to share a snippet here. 🙂 Many women cherish the Proverbs 31 woman, and I think it helps to look at Proverbs, as a whole, to learn what it means to be a woman of Proverbs. Today, I want… Continue reading Speaking Without Pausing (UnAshamed)

Bible Study · Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Reconciled (It Is Good) | Christian Poem

Brilliance. Life. Goodness. Purity.  The beginning.  God-likeness. Good and evil.  The temptation.  ~ Our first father fell.  Adam.  Creating a debt for mankind. Sin.  ~ The wages of sin is death. Cost.  God requires payment. Judgment.  ~ People were chosen, set apart.  Israel.  They were given commands by God. Law.  ~ The law condemned all… Continue reading Reconciled (It Is Good) | Christian Poem