Thursday Break Change In Schedule

As I wrote about yesterday, breaks are needed. I have been feeling for the past few weeks I am getting a little burnt out. Ideas are pouring, but because I want to write so many different posts, for both blogs, and some of them take up much more time than others, I find it to… Continue reading Thursday Break Change In Schedule


Midweek Inspiration | Breaks Are Necessary

We can sometimes be overly ambitious. We want everything to be done immediately, in a particular order. Sometimes it's daily chores or daily goals. As much as we work on being successful in progress, we must make sure we take the time to rest and take breaks as well. Take some time to breathe. To… Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Breaks Are Necessary

Random · Song Sunday

Song Sunday | Ready, Set, Go Out Into Our Calling

This song is all about what God has called each one of us to do. I feel like if Jeremiah had a playlist this would be one of his songs. "Ready, Set, Go," by Royal Tailors We cannot be focused on ourselves. We need to see God, and we need to hear Him. We cannot… Continue reading Song Sunday | Ready, Set, Go Out Into Our Calling

Bible Study

Judges (7) Pt. 5 | Micah’s Carved Image – Fall Of Bejamintes (Ch.17-End)

This book has taken me the longest to summarize, but today we will complete the book of Judges ๐Ÿ™‚ Ch. 17 Micah's Idolatry Micah tells his mother he took her money. She had put a curse on the person, and when she hears him tell her, she blesses him. She tells him he can then… Continue reading Judges (7) Pt. 5 | Micah’s Carved Image – Fall Of Bejamintes (Ch.17-End)

life · Random · Relationship with Christ

400 Followers | The Journey So Far

Today is the day! Thank you, everyone, for your support, your comments, feedback, suggestions, and especially reading my blog. I've only reached this because of all of you and the grace of God allowing me to reach this step. I know many are curious about the blog's progress, and I know new bloggers are curious… Continue reading 400 Followers | The Journey So Far