Visionaries & Vision Boards: Warning To Christians

I didn't want to write this post, but God has put it on my heart. I want you to be well informed, it is crucial that you are. I tried to put decent headers and highlights for my readers who skim.  With the start of the new year, many people have a lot of goals … Continue reading Visionaries & Vision Boards: Warning To Christians

Knowledge & Teaching | Spiritual Gifts

God doesn't care what our skill set is. He doesn't care what we are naturally gifted in. What we think we should do could be completely opposite of what God wants. John Bunyan, for example, was a son of a tinker. He was not well learned, yet, God used him to preach and eventually write … Continue reading Knowledge & Teaching | Spiritual Gifts

Are You Fasting… For Jesus

A very popular diet right involves fasting, but for Christians are we using the time we fast for Jesus if we say it is for Him? First, I do want to share that not everyone can fast from food for medical or mental reasons and I think fasting from other things is absolutely okay. It's … Continue reading Are You Fasting… For Jesus

Should I Have Short Or Long Posts | Christian Blogger

ADDED NOTE (01/20/2020)- I want to add, as I discuss at the bottom of the post, short posts can be meaty! I have some additions inspired by comments to help clarify the post. Thank you everyone for the discussion! What attracts most people? How do I grow my audience? I know these are tempting questions … Continue reading Should I Have Short Or Long Posts | Christian Blogger

Solomon Prepares & Builds The Temple

I'm excited that today we get to go over the temple. The post is a little longer than I usually have for Sundays, but chapters 4 & 5 are really short, and then there is 6, which I wanted to make sure you had details about the temple. Hopefully, you enjoy learning about the temple … Continue reading Solomon Prepares & Builds The Temple

Quotes From You | November & December ’19

Where is our reality? Do we mask our sin? God is faithful. He helps us command our soul. We must not forget everything God has done for us, like the people of Israel did, but being open to the Lord means He will use us.  This is only a summary of a theme we see … Continue reading Quotes From You | November & December ’19

Behind False Confidence: Bondage of Makeup & Fashion

Let's start this by saying wearing makeup isn't an issue. Clothes are not the issue. It's looking beneath the surface of these topics and everything we see on the outside. God looks at the heart, and today, I want us to really look at our heart, our soul, the temple of where Jesus should be. … Continue reading Behind False Confidence: Bondage of Makeup & Fashion