Why Do Christian Artists Fall Away? (Do You Know Your Lyrics?)

Music can be a net that pulls people into theology... I once had someone ask me if I could do a post series on various artists and whether or not their beliefs line up with truth. I denied the idea because it's just too vast to study. However, it is important to know where the … Continue reading Why Do Christian Artists Fall Away? (Do You Know Your Lyrics?)

Misconceptions Of Judging Righteously| “Don’t Judge” Unintentional Hypocrisy

Ever heard someone say, "Don't judge me," or, "You will be judged as you judge," as reason to basically not say anything at all or if you speak publically instead  you should personally email someone with your concerns instead of sharing them online. Now there is a truth to some of this and I will … Continue reading Misconceptions Of Judging Righteously| “Don’t Judge” Unintentional Hypocrisy

My Talent and I Interview with T. R. Noble✨✨✨

I recently did a blogger interview by It’s All About Christ. If you want to check it out you can here. 💗💗

it's all about christ

Hello everyone,

I’m sure we are doing very well. Today!!! We are having another edition of my talent and i interview with a wonderful Christian blogger T. R. Noble.

Mt talent and i interview is basically an interview session in which people tell us the talent God has bleesed them with and how they use it to glorify the name of the lord.

My talent and i interview

1. Hello, can you introduce yourself ?

Hello all, I am T. R. Noble. My main Christian blog is titled Inside Cup (www.nobledevotionblog.wordpress.com) , and my second blog I post less often on is called Peeking Beneath (www.peekingfrombeneaththerock.wordpress.com)  I created Inside Cup for the purpose of diving into what it means to have a cleansed heart. Jesus discussed that we can have a filthy heart and appear clean on the outside and He used the illustration of a…

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“The Chosen”- Review of Season One

Tell me I am not the only one who saw advertisements on Facebook for this series?  I didn't really know what to think of the series when I saw the advertisements because I didn't know much about it. I just thought, "Oh, it's another Christian series," and that was basically it. Recently, I've been wary … Continue reading “The Chosen”- Review of Season One

That Book Review I Was So Excited To Do… (Lessons Learned)

"Why did you announce on your blog you were going to review a book you haven't read yet," my sister in Christ asked with concern in her voice. "Well, I didn't say WHEN it was going to be..." Last year, I received an email asking me to review a book. I Was Reached Out To Personally … Continue reading That Book Review I Was So Excited To Do… (Lessons Learned)

Why I Took Down My Dream Posts & Series | Recant

As I work on changes with this blog one thing I realized I had to change related to the very first series I created on my blog. Dream Experience.  Issues With Sharing Dreams On My Blog A few things came out of this... 1). Even though I was not asking people to interpret the dreams … Continue reading Why I Took Down My Dream Posts & Series | Recant

I Am Not Going To Continue The Community Spotlight

Not in the same way I once did, at least.  I realize that I cannot keep track of everyone I promote. It's very possible someone might be of a fallen teaching and promote it on their blog. It's possible someone might fall away. There are a lot of factors that really need to be considered … Continue reading I Am Not Going To Continue The Community Spotlight

New Believer Questions| I Need YOUR Help

It's come to my attention how there are topics and questions I've taken the answers for granted. There are questions and concerns people have when it comes to Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, being a Christian, sin, etc that I am not always thinking of because it's something I've just not thought about. I cherish … Continue reading New Believer Questions| I Need YOUR Help

Desperate For Toilet Paper (Reckless Love Of God?)

As the United States continues to learn more about the coronavirus and begins to take precautions it's inevitable people are going to panic. Like a virus, panic sweeps over the nation and infects millions.  Measures are being taken to lessen the spread, and despite the measures themselves being good, it is the reaction from others … Continue reading Desperate For Toilet Paper (Reckless Love Of God?)

Another Sleepless Night

I wrote this poem for a sister in Christ. I realized as I began writing many of us have had an assortment of sleepless nights. Maybe anxiety, maybe spiritual warfare, maybe sin and something God wanted us to release to Him. But there is hope in Jesus! He is our sword! He is our shield! When we feel weak, THAT is when the battle really starts, that is when the enemy will keep attacking us.

Do not lose heart for it is in Jesus! Do not doubt for Christ is our hope!

Peeking Beneath

This is dedicated to anyone who has experienced these kinds of nights. Sleepless nights vary in degree and I wanted to capture some of them in this poem. For those under the wings of Jesus, His followers, the battle has only begun! DO NOT GIVE UP!

Another night with shadows

up against the wall.

Another night with heart’s racing,

echoing my fall.

Another tear-soaked pillow

and sweat drenching my sheets.

Another day of hours wasted,

when the bedroom is my fleet.

In the midst of all that’s happening

this is what I know…

You are good.

You are great.

And Lord, You’re always true.

Jesus, please come as I feel

my flesh’s about to suffocate.

The enemy is laughing

as soon as my feet touch the floor.

My mind is blurry and body buzzing

exhaustions meet me at the door.

Arrows have been pointed,

for many weeks it seems.


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