Apology To My Followers

Peeking Beneath

For anyone who has stuck along with this blog, I want to thank you. I have gone through so much with this blog trying to figure it out and finally decided this blog is extra.

Peeking Beneath is what does not gets on Inside Cup. It will showcase more writing pieces (or hopefully that’s what I want) and give updates on my life or share memories (again, hopefully). In addition, this is where I do talk about writing and blogging more. I have next week’s Wednesday’s post ready and I go over what to do when people disagree with you in the comments. Stay tuned next week if you are interested.

In the past, I really tried to use this blog not only for personal stories, but rants I had about topics and then trying to find ways to inspire people with poetry quotes and other things. Ehh…

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I Never Gave Myself A Break Like This In Three Years

I am officially back from visiting family for the holidays, and it's certainly felt like a whirlwind. Every time the new year comes along I can't help but reflect back. I don't know if this means 2020 will be a unique year, but it definitely started off different. Since 2017, when I've gone home for Christmas, … Continue reading I Never Gave Myself A Break Like This In Three Years

Busy…Posts Will Be Delayed

I am behind on posts, and I just wanted to send a quick note out to all who may wonder. I'll get back to writing when I can. I have over 800 posts on this blog and if you are on the homepage http://www.nobledevotionblog.wordpress.com on the right side is a search box and you can … Continue reading Busy…Posts Will Be Delayed

Things I Wrote This Year & Disagree Now With

... Every year I feel like I'm better than the year before...yet, by the end of the year I see so much I still have yet to work through. It is a comfort to know how Jesus continues to edify us with His truth and the way He gets our attention. 2019, in particular, I've … Continue reading Things I Wrote This Year & Disagree Now With

Favorite Posts From This Year (2019)

In closing out the last month of the year on my blog, I think it will be nice to have some reflection posts on my blog. Looking back, I've realized how the Lord has helped me grow this year alone, and I am making a separate post on things that God has helped me change … Continue reading Favorite Posts From This Year (2019)

What God Taught Me About Paint, Christ, & False Teaching

Christmas has become more meaningful to me recently the past few years as I try to focus more on what Christ did for me through birth, life, death, and resurrection. I enjoy making gifts rather than buying, when possible. It allows me to pray for the person as I work through the project, as well … Continue reading What God Taught Me About Paint, Christ, & False Teaching