Desperate For Toilet Paper (Reckless Love Of God?)

As the United States continues to learn more about the coronavirus and begins to take precautions it's inevitable people are going to panic. Like a virus, panic sweeps over the nation and infects millions.  Measures are being taken to lessen the spread, and despite the measures themselves being good, it is the reaction from others … Continue reading Desperate For Toilet Paper (Reckless Love Of God?)

Another Sleepless Night

I wrote this poem for a sister in Christ. I realized as I began writing many of us have had an assortment of sleepless nights. Maybe anxiety, maybe spiritual warfare, maybe sin and something God wanted us to release to Him. But there is hope in Jesus! He is our sword! He is our shield! When we feel weak, THAT is when the battle really starts, that is when the enemy will keep attacking us.

Do not lose heart for it is in Jesus! Do not doubt for Christ is our hope!

Peeking Beneath

This is dedicated to anyone who has experienced these kinds of nights. Sleepless nights vary in degree and I wanted to capture some of them in this poem. For those under the wings of Jesus, His followers, the battle has only begun! DO NOT GIVE UP!

Another night with shadows

up against the wall.

Another night with heart’s racing,

echoing my fall.

Another tear-soaked pillow

and sweat drenching my sheets.

Another day of hours wasted,

when the bedroom is my fleet.

In the midst of all that’s happening

this is what I know…

You are good.

You are great.

And Lord, You’re always true.

Jesus, please come as I feel

my flesh’s about to suffocate.

The enemy is laughing

as soon as my feet touch the floor.

My mind is blurry and body buzzing

exhaustions meet me at the door.

Arrows have been pointed,

for many weeks it seems.


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Job Sinned Because His Friends Encouraged It

Are we providing footholds or traps of darkness that influence those around us? Ultimately, we make the final choice in whether or not we sin, but we can be pressured and influenced.  This post idea was inspired by a fellow Christian blogger Pastor Matthew Winters. Check Out Pastor Winter's Post | Does God Instantly Smite … Continue reading Job Sinned Because His Friends Encouraged It

Asking, Seeking, Knocking

When Grace was working on this poem she was sharing it with me. This is my favorite poem of hers she has written so far. It shows the progression of a sinner not seeking Christ, to desiring Jesus, accepting salvation of Christ and being cleansed. So powerful!

Following Him Beside Still Waters

I thought I knew You
But knew another instead
Junk food for the soul
Not nutritiously fed


My spirit grew fat on the sugar
And my health deteriorated
On the outside I looked healthy
But inside the lies saturated


Then I was fed with Truth
Junk food tasted sweet
But I didn’t want to die –
I drank the milk and moved to meat


I felt as if I weren’t on solid ground
But were standing on sinking sand.
Like the floor was not sound
And I had no helping hand.


What is truth
And what is lies
Who is the Rock?
Oh hear my cries!


I trusted no one, feeling like
I went from a dream to awake.
Is this You or is that You?
Which is real? What is fake?


You will reveal Yourself
To those who seek
That was a promise

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Don’t Let My Death Be The Reason

The day I lost a dear grandmother in Christ I wrote this poem sorting my feelings. My letter, a letter I planned to write and send her a month ago, I had finally wrote it only a day before. It lay on the table stamped. Don’t waste time taking things and people for granted. We just do not know.

Peeking Beneath

Don’t let my death be the reason

you want to speak to me now.

What was once for granted

can’t be given nohow.

Don’t let my death be the reason

you want to meet up.

There were open schedules before.

Now an empty plate and cup.

Don’t let my death be the reason

you desire to call.

Many hours slipped through,

priority walked the hall.

Don’t let my death be the reason

now you send a letter.

Instead of appreciation,

a broken spirit weathered.

Don’t let my death be the reason,

you pray to God in regret.

Take the lesson learned,

and promise not to forget.

Don’t wait until life passes

to tell the ones you love.

The things they need to hear.

The truth from up above.

Don’t wait until life passes,

for death to make you realize.

Our life is but a vapor

something we can’t rationalize.


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Apology To My Followers

Peeking Beneath

For anyone who has stuck along with this blog, I want to thank you. I have gone through so much with this blog trying to figure it out and finally decided this blog is extra.

Peeking Beneath is what does not gets on Inside Cup. It will showcase more writing pieces (or hopefully that’s what I want) and give updates on my life or share memories (again, hopefully). In addition, this is where I do talk about writing and blogging more. I have next week’s Wednesday’s post ready and I go over what to do when people disagree with you in the comments. Stay tuned next week if you are interested.

In the past, I really tried to use this blog not only for personal stories, but rants I had about topics and then trying to find ways to inspire people with poetry quotes and other things. Ehh…

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I Never Gave Myself A Break Like This In Three Years

I am officially back from visiting family for the holidays, and it's certainly felt like a whirlwind. Every time the new year comes along I can't help but reflect back. I don't know if this means 2020 will be a unique year, but it definitely started off different. Since 2017, when I've gone home for Christmas, … Continue reading I Never Gave Myself A Break Like This In Three Years