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The Journals Of Rachel Scott: A Journey Of Faith At Columbine High | Book Review

Being a teenager is hard. Being a Christian teen is harder. Ever since I learned of Rachel's story this year, I've greatly desired to learn more. I shared her story in a post a few months ago. Post | “I’m Not Ashamed”, How One Story Of A Girl’s Faith & Compassion Affected Millions Since then I've… Continue reading The Journals Of Rachel Scott: A Journey Of Faith At Columbine High | Book Review

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I Write With Blood Ink (So Be It)

People wonder about my writing. They question what am I doing? Wasting time on this blog, and wasting time on my book. The ones who never read my poems, let alone, know where to look. They see me with no signs attached, dollars, that is. My value and worth, somehow, have been placed in their… Continue reading I Write With Blood Ink (So Be It)

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Adonijah Tries To Become King Behind David’s Back

Well, we've done it. Reached a new book in the Bible to go over! Introduction To 1 Kings Chosen to build God's temple yet so easily torn between paganism. This story of Solomon in 1 Kings illustrates themes of the book of Hosea (Israel commits adultery with false gods). Solomon is known for his wisdom and… Continue reading Adonijah Tries To Become King Behind David’s Back


If You Can’t Sense Him…Can You Hear Him?

You tell me that you cannot sense the Lord, and I must ask you have you received Him because you should hear Him now?   You should hear Him now.   You see He's deeper than just emotions or "feelings" we have. He is stronger than mere words or what we see. He is in… Continue reading If You Can’t Sense Him…Can You Hear Him?

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Longer Life & Better Health

The secret to youth and life found in scripture? I never realized scripture talks about the state of our spiritual walk and how that affects our health. Today's Reading | Ch. 3 of Proverbs  Health, Relationship With God Scripture says keeping the law and commandments can lengthen our days and life, as well as add… Continue reading Longer Life & Better Health


Pride Of Finger-Pointing At Church

Finger-pointing at church is hypocrisy at its best and it consumes everyone involved. As I write a more in-depth post on church for tomorrow, I couldn't help but share this piece that didn't fit the post.  We often use a church building, a singular place of gathering, as a crutch. We sometimes isolate ourselves from… Continue reading Pride Of Finger-Pointing At Church

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Community Prayer | September ’19

This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. Thank you! Let’s work together on prayer by praying for each other and lifting up our needs. Why We Need To Pray- Draw Closer To God, Draw Closer To The Community, See Answered Prayers Here are… Continue reading Community Prayer | September ’19