What God Taught Me About Paint, Christ, & False Teaching

Christmas has become more meaningful to me recently the past few years as I try to focus more on what Christ did for me through birth, life, death, and resurrection. I enjoy making gifts rather than buying, when possible. It allows me to pray for the person as I work through the project, as well… Continue reading What God Taught Me About Paint, Christ, & False Teaching


My Thoughts On Santa As An Adult Christian

Is it okay to talk about Santa? What the problems related to Santa Claus? These questions has been making me think, and I thought I'd share. The past couple of years I have done a few posts on Christmas: Importance Of Christ's Birth Ways To Incorporate Christ Into Activities Where Are Our Eyes This Christmas… Continue reading My Thoughts On Santa As An Adult Christian

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Healing & Miracles

Another set of conversational spiritual gifts. I really thought I would be able to cover these two when I covered tongues, but the last post took up a lot of space. So I decided to break them. I'm going to repeat just a few things if you didn't hear me say it before. We must… Continue reading Healing & Miracles


Happy Thanksgiving!

Once long ago, this day was made. To thank You, God, in everything. Provision You have always gave. But we've forgotten and so's the grave. In this time of thanksgiving and being with family, making memories, do not forget the meaning of Thanksgiving. It was created to thank God for everything, and sometimes, we get… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tongues & Interpretation of Tongues

Out of all of the spiritual gifts listed, I think these and miracles/healing are the most controversial and abused. Some people, including some godly people, think that spiritual gifts like these are not used anymore. The way I look at it, dreams were used by God in both the Old and New Testament, and I… Continue reading Tongues & Interpretation of Tongues

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What Is The Gift Of Encouragement

Encouragement is a very special spiritual gift. One that often gets hidden. One that people may feel is not "good enough." But we are all told every part of the Body of Christ (the true Church) is important. Every toe is as important as an eye. (NIV) 1 Thessalonians 4:18, "Therefore encourage one another with… Continue reading What Is The Gift Of Encouragement

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Are You Set Free In Jesus But Still In Bondage?

The title seems counterintuitive because it is. If Jesus sets us free from sin and its hold on us, how can we still be in bondage? We do not wake up the next day after deciding to follow Christ and our old ways are "magically" gone. We need to be active on our word. The… Continue reading Are You Set Free In Jesus But Still In Bondage?