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Refuting Modern Myths About Jesus (Tim Chaffey) | Christian Apologetics

Was Jesus married? Did He ever proclaim Himself to be God? Wasn’t Christianity just ideas taken from pagan religions? Christian Apologetics helps us answer questions for our faith. Maybe you’ve wondered about some of these questions. I hope today’s video pick is helpful to you. Answers in Genesis has a lot of great resources you… Continue reading Refuting Modern Myths About Jesus (Tim Chaffey) | Christian Apologetics

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

The Door of Darkness (Christian Poem)

It was a beautiful door.Expensive wood. Carved features. A mind that understood. The door called.It beckoned.It glowed. It welcomed. The words it would sing. Sweet. Soft. Gentle. Words that delighted the soulyetmelted the marrow. I never noticed before.How it alwaysopened to another door. Going from woodto metal. Less beautiful,the effects more internal. The doors became… Continue reading The Door of Darkness (Christian Poem)

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Cut Me From My Roots (Christian Poem)

I’m comfortable.I’m growing.My roots are deep. I’m sowing. I don’t like change.Leave me here. False sense of control.Tons of fear. Prune my leaves.But don’t prune meoff from my rootsand set me free. I’ll die without roots.Why would You take what is precious?My roots. My home. Don’t You know that I’m self-conscious?! My journey.My life.It’s about… Continue reading Cut Me From My Roots (Christian Poem)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

What Is It Gonna Take? (Christian Song)

I thought I was past this. This mire and tears. And here I’m standing going no where. I thought I believedI thought that I had faith. But darkness comesand seems to have its way. What is it gonna takefor me to see? What is it gonna taketo see Your Sovereignty? What is it gonna take… Continue reading What Is It Gonna Take? (Christian Song)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

The Hand That Chisels

In joy, the sun-kissed skies dance along the waves of grass. I am free, as the wind blows. The days are short and pass. In darkness, the rain weeps down.Loudly pounding the ground.I am chained and broken.The days are long and nights longer. In bliss, I am merry. In darkness, I am consumed. In light,… Continue reading The Hand That Chisels

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Cotton Candy Life | Christian Poem

Oh, how I long for the good days! Frolicking in the meadows. Where sunsets are always golden. Air scented with lilac petals. How I wish for lovely feelings and no pain to come nearby.Everything goes right around me.There are no tears or heavy sighs. A cotton candy life. Yes, please, I am so fragile. I… Continue reading Cotton Candy Life | Christian Poem

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Reconciled (It Is Good) | Christian Poem

Brilliance. Life. Goodness. Purity.  The beginning.  God-likeness. Good and evil.  The temptation.  ~ Our first father fell.  Adam.  Creating a debt for mankind. Sin.  ~ The wages of sin is death. Cost.  God requires payment. Judgment.  ~ People were chosen, set apart.  Israel.  They were given commands by God. Law.  ~ The law condemned all… Continue reading Reconciled (It Is Good) | Christian Poem

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Broken Hold (Christian Poem)

This poem is written for anyone who struggles with condemnation. This poem is written for anyone who struggles with spiritual oppression. This poem is written for anyone who struggles with fear. We cannot fight against these forces on our own. But Jesus has and He has conquered all! Turn to Him! Put your faith in… Continue reading Broken Hold (Christian Poem)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

The Price Of The Cross (Good Friday)

It was good and well. Glorious and pure.  For a time, He walked among us.  Adam and Eve, for sure.  But a lie came through the blissful ignorance. And twisted the truth,  burdening us with brokenness.  Our pride was seeded. Our lust bloomed.  Our eyes turned from God to self. And our soul blackened doom. … Continue reading The Price Of The Cross (Good Friday)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Battle Of Spirit & Flesh (Groans & Grunts)| Christian Poem

All to Jesus I surrender. The words whisper in my spirit.   Yet, my flesh is angry and screams, "BUT THIS IS MINE!" The battle begins and the lines are intertwined.   One moves forward another pushed back. The winner changes and within seconds advances.   Fear charges to bound my hands. Trust thursts the… Continue reading Battle Of Spirit & Flesh (Groans & Grunts)| Christian Poem