Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Chains Falling On My Knees

My vulnerabilities are mocking me. Inviting the dark ones who haunt me when I cannot move.   Lord, God, You are strong. Lord, God, You have my hand. Please search throughout me. Please give me a way To get through this.   Because I cannot see Help me feel Your Spirit To walk forward. Set… Continue reading Chains Falling On My Knees

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

He Hears Me In Silence

I tremble and I feel the darkness. My hands grip at my side. I feel so lonely. Tears fall as my heart cries out. But no sound is heard out loud.   And in the silence, You hear my broken soul. You call me out. I feel Your hand with me! Holy One, Lord. Holy… Continue reading He Hears Me In Silence

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

The Christmas Branches | Flash Fiction (For Annabelle)

I had shared this story with a fellow blogger and realized most of you haven't seen this story. Originally written December 2016. This is the first time I wrote a children's story and it is very precious to me. I hope it speaks to you.  Lights blinked casting their glows along the wall. Annabelle smiled.… Continue reading The Christmas Branches | Flash Fiction (For Annabelle)