Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

He Hears Me In Silence

I tremble and I feel the darkness. My hands grip at my side. I feel so lonely. Tears fall as my heart cries out. But no sound is heard out loud.   And in the silence, You hear my broken soul. You call me out. I feel Your hand with me! Holy One, Lord. Holy… Continue reading He Hears Me In Silence

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

He’s Coming Soon, Only Endure!

You're the One who gets me through. Waters crash and my soul breaks inside, But then, I hear the Thunder and a roar. A fire that deepens within, A cry comes out.   Listen for the whisper. Let the rain fall over you. His hand will never leave. Can't you see, He's coming? Only endure!… Continue reading He’s Coming Soon, Only Endure!

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

The Christmas Branches | Flash Fiction (For Annabelle)

I had shared this story with a fellow blogger and realized most of you haven't seen this story. Originally written December 2016. This is the first time I wrote a children's story and it is very precious to me. I hope it speaks to you.  Lights blinked casting their glows along the wall. Annabelle smiled.… Continue reading The Christmas Branches | Flash Fiction (For Annabelle)