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Break Day!

In order to get ahead, I’ve been trying to not do as many in-depth studies. If you were here last week, you might have noticed I am starting to share the indivdual posts of the armor of God. The full post, if you want to dive in, you can find here. I really want to… Continue reading Break Day!

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Change for Summer Schedule

Hey all! The winter blues definitely kicked in and the past few months it’s been hard to reach my goal of staying two months ahead. I’ve been able to stay mostly a month ahead, but I’ve been struggling lately. I think what I will do is from May - August, I am going to have… Continue reading Change for Summer Schedule


Community Prayer | Feb ‘23

Prayer Example on Loving Others When It Is Hard – Prayer: Loving Others When It’s Hard Somethings to Keep in Mind  This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check-in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. If you would like a request to be ongoing, let me know. Ongoing requests will stay up… Continue reading Community Prayer | Feb ‘23


Do You Have Prayer Requests for December ‘22?

Hey all, I noticed that this past year there’s been fewer interactions on the blog, and because of that I do not have anyone really asking for prayer through the blog. So my community prayer posts tend to be the same, which is ok. There are a ton of various things we can pray for… Continue reading Do You Have Prayer Requests for December ‘22?

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Thanksgiving Break

Hey all! I wanted to share I will be taking a blogging break and posts will resume on November 27th. I look forward to the coming months next year. Be on the lookout for new additions to the blog, starting January 2nd, 2023. A way you can pray for me is to pray, Lord willing,… Continue reading Thanksgiving Break

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Oops! I Thought I Posted 2 Posts Yesterday | Blog Chat

Hey all! I apologize for the overbooking. I meant to post on Thursday - In What Ways Is God Faithful | What Promises Does The Christian Have?. And today (the first of July) I meant to post - 5 Scriptures To Meditate On This Month | Faith. Oops, again. So, today (as I write) is Friday. I… Continue reading Oops! I Thought I Posted 2 Posts Yesterday | Blog Chat

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Getting A Little Behind | Quick Life Update

Hey all, I was trying to get ahead of the winter blues and not letting tiredness slow me down… but I have hit that time of the year. I also tend to get sick about once a month, and I try to plan during that time for the week I may not be able to… Continue reading Getting A Little Behind | Quick Life Update

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Taking A Quick Break

If you haven’t seen yet, I recently finished my second post on vision boards, and whether or not they should be used by Christians. This second post is much more in-depth than my first. I broke down the components of a vision board like affirmations, mantras, Law of Attraction, mindfulness, and much more. See: Vision… Continue reading Taking A Quick Break


New Post On Christians & Vision Boards, Coming Up Soon! | Quick Update

For a few weeks, I’ve been prepping to cover a second post on the topic of vision boards. This time diving into criticisms I’ve received, but only after looking at the main components of a vision board. My original post covered the topic briefly and then I focused on what it means for the Christian… Continue reading New Post On Christians & Vision Boards, Coming Up Soon! | Quick Update