Thank You For Your Support During This Time, Everyone.

When I opened up in my post Where I Am Mentally & How You Can Pray For Me I received a lot of comforting words and many people encouraging me to keep going to Jesus. I want to thank you all so much for taking the time to respond and encourage me. It's very appreciated. Some … Continue reading Thank You For Your Support During This Time, Everyone.

Where I Am Mentally & How You Can Pray For Me

Update: I appreciate everyone's words and prayers. The day I wrote this post I had sat down and prepared a few other posts, something I hadn't done in months. I realized I needed to change my schedule, which is now 2 posts a week, instead of 5. I am now getting back into the heart of … Continue reading Where I Am Mentally & How You Can Pray For Me

My Ministry Is For Women (Please Pray For Me)

Update: 08/04/2020- In since writing this post, I've been able to come to the conclusion that a blog audience is NOT the same as a church congregation in which a pastor preaches a sermon. I wanted to honor scripture and make sure I was not overstepping my role with my blog. But I've since understood … Continue reading My Ministry Is For Women (Please Pray For Me)

Covering Bible Studies/Devotionals (Updated)|Christian Blogger

Awhile back, I was told my Bible Summaries were dry. I'm assuming it's because I'm mainly covering scripture and scripture by itself isn't exciting or entertaining. Use less scripture and add a lot of sugar. Make sure it looks pretty and attractive. Christian Blogging 101...right? The truth is I honestly shared the same mindset as … Continue reading Covering Bible Studies/Devotionals (Updated)|Christian Blogger

Community Spotlight | February ’20

It is March already! I think this year has gone by a little faster than last year, and I am so grateful to be heading into spring! Let this be a time of encouragement as we look at some fellow bloggers and what they wrote in the month of February. These blogger posts have been … Continue reading Community Spotlight | February ’20

5 Christian Bloggers To Check Out (4)

It's been over six months since I last shared some bloggers to check out. Sorry! These posts take some time because I have to check out each blog and see how consistent the blogger is, as well as if they make the rules for the series. But still... it shouldn't have taken this much of … Continue reading 5 Christian Bloggers To Check Out (4)

Quotes From You | January ’20

My Grammarly says the text of everyone's quotes overall sounds appreciative and that definitely rings true. A lot of these quotes focus on lessons the Lord is showing everyone. I have been able to visit more this past month, and I'm really excited to share many, many quotes with you all from the community! These … Continue reading Quotes From You | January ’20

Should I Have Short Or Long Posts | Christian Blogger

ADDED NOTE (01/20/2020)- I want to add, as I discuss at the bottom of the post, short posts can be meaty! I have some additions inspired by comments to help clarify the post. Thank you everyone for the discussion! What attracts most people? How do I grow my audience? I know these are tempting questions … Continue reading Should I Have Short Or Long Posts | Christian Blogger

Community Posts | November & December ’19

I got TOTALLY behind on this with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I really try to have about 9- 12 bloggers spotlighted if possible for each month, but that's not always going to be the case. Also, I am not planning on reading as many posts from people in order that I can be more consistent in … Continue reading Community Posts | November & December ’19

2,000 Followers?! | The Journey So Far

Thanks be to God in all of this. You know, when I started and had less 12 followers, I didn't know how God would use my writing. I had always known that He called me to reach believers, and I believed writing was something He wanted me to use. Throughout the years, I started to … Continue reading 2,000 Followers?! | The Journey So Far