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This Is NOT A Drill… Technical Difficulties


My laptop of almost nine years has started to have an issue. Basically, it will not fully load the starting screen and will shut off.

I’ve tried:

  • Recovery Mode (Verify & Repair over and over)
  • Single User Mode (brings back the nightmare of computer coding)
  • Taken Out The Battery & Placed Back
  • Continued prayers that God smites the laptop, He has in the past and made it work.

Needless to say, I’ve been working on trying to look at all the solutions I can do before I completely wipe the computer. It’s possible this is the only option. Regarding what is on my laptop, I want to try to transfer what is on my hard drive to an external hard drive. Most of my stuff on the laptop, especially the book writing, I do have other areas saved with the information and files. But certain files, like new writings, those haven’t been saved. So, if I can avoid losing anything I’m going to try.

But I will still be able to keep up blogging.

My husband has an older computer he no longer uses, actually, my Mac is a little older than this current laptop. But it’s a slight adjustment. This is a Windows, and though, I’m familiar with Windows, I’m in the process of gathering the sites that I use, and some other documents. That’s really the only bad thing aside from a little bit of loss I might experience in files. I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to work with the laptop and seeing what I can do. Learned a lot of nerdy stuff along the way.

I’ve been planning certain posts for this week, however, with what happened, I am going to start working on writing for next week. I’ll just give myself a little bit of a break. Posts will resume on Sunday. We will continue to dig into Proverbs.

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what was going on. Sorry for the delay this week.

If you have any updates or prayers for the month of October, let me know. Going to try to make sure I have the Community Prayer Request up at the beginning of the month.

~T. R.

20 thoughts on “This Is NOT A Drill… Technical Difficulties

  1. Thought I’d leave an update for the community prayer post! 😁 (And I guess you could add your computer trouble to that as well, haha!)

    The Lord is abundantly blessing my time in Bolivia. Please continue to pray that I would have Heaven’s wisdom to know how to teach and how to see and point out the footsteps of Jesus as they cross every subject! Please pray for deepening of relationships and fellowship for me with the Christians around me. I’m naturally reserved, so I can struggle with what it looks like to open myself up to others. Pray that God would send the electric company to the Yoder’s home to finally give us electricity, and that rain would return to my part of Bolivia! Also, elections are this month (October 20), and they tend to be a lot less peaceful in Bolivia than in the United States… please pray for the whole country as that approaches, for the church in Bolivia to behave and respond as the church of Jesus Christ ought, and for me and those around me, that our confidence would be in Christ no matter what happens. And that God would use the results of the election to further His Kingdom in Bolivia! And for smooth travel for those who will be coming in and out of the country at that time to help out at the orphanage and visit the Yoders.

    Haha, you get a book for October, I guess! 🀣

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