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I Stopped Waiting Until The Last Minute To Read Blog Posts | Apology

From the ending of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, I experienced burn out. I was trying to constantly read every post of the bloggers I followed. Up until last year, I didn’t really have a method of staying up to date with bloggers that worked. 

Most of 2019, I would wait until the end of the month to catch up on what I missed. This resulted in hours of going through so many posts of bloggers. Some days were spent on only one person. I felt like if I wasn’t reading, then people would be upset. That my reflection of being a blogger who “unites the community” … would disappear. I felt guilty about it. 

I still had some attachments of, “I have to read their posts or people won’t read my blog.” A give and take, which honestly, the method becomes pretty shallow all too soon. What is meant to be encouragement becomes jaded with self-gain. 

Here is what I want to tell you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what people think. I really need to not be so shallow. Everything has to be about Jesus. If I am reading the blog posts of others, then I need an attitude of Jesus.

I truly want to encourage others without self-attachment. 

For the last year, writing up community posts was becoming a drag. Not because of the time commitment, even though that would be my first excuse. Let’s be real. Honestly, it had to do with the state of my heart. Which was the funny thing… once I started reading, finding quotes, and adding posts of bloggers to the spotlights, I truly enjoyed it. It was just getting myself to that point which made everything else feel like it was “dragging”.

I’ve been a procrastinator since I was a little. I would find ways to optimize what I wanted to do versus what needed to get done. Within me is a stubbornness not to grow, and to keep things my way. I pray every day that I can challenge this stubbornness with the will of the Holy Spirit. 

How does this relate to blogging and reading posts? Regarding the community, I was reminded last month to truly appreciate the community. Not just to put the spotlight on people, but to be engaging and encouraging consistently. Reach out to others. 

I know some people think an online community is weak. It certainly has some limits, but it also has some amazing benefits. In the same way, I am to reach people in the church and connect outside the walls, I want to do that with other fellow believers in Christ, that includes the blogging community.

Being confined, to interaction on my blog alone, is not okay with me. (Every blogger is different. This is my personal conviction.) I know what it is like to appreciate the support, comments, and discussion on posts I write. I appreciate the encouragement and thought-provoking posts that many of you have provided. I had forgotten how God will weave the same theme through multiple people in the same week. I’ve missed it.

All of this is to say I am sorry for pushing your content away. For making you last minute. There are a handful of people who have been so kind and understanding, but you truly deserved better when it came to my interaction with your blog.

That being said, changes happen. I do not read as many people as I once did. I don’t read every post, for most people. I’m sure my lack of interaction will still be missed for some bloggers. Maybe some people will be upset.

When I read blog posts, I want to be engaging. God has used this experience to help me understand why some people fade from my own blog interaction, and while I miss it, I no longer take it personally as I once did. 

This past month, I’ve gotten back into visiting with others and it’s been a blessing. It’s not overbearing and I do not feel intimidated.

I’m still hoping to visit new bloggers and occasionally stop by others. Finding a healthy, but more importantly, godly balance is needed. In all that I do, I want to give glory to Him.

His church needs to stay connected. We can’t do it as one person, but if we all connected a little more with each other it would leave quite an impact. 🙂 


How do you stay connected with the blogging community? Did you ever get burnt out reading? What do you do? 

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27 thoughts on “I Stopped Waiting Until The Last Minute To Read Blog Posts | Apology

  1. Spot on sis! It is very challenging. I try to catch up when I can but as work has been intense and with my 3 kids growing up, it is becoming more challenging. I am learning to give myself grace and also time to rest in between. You do a great job with staying connected sis❤️

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    1. This year has been a lot easier than the paat 2 years. I read what I can and I don’t read everything. The pressure is off. 😊

      You do what you can to serve the community. Family goes before that and God before family. ♥️

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  2. I totally relate to this!! Giving encouragement can be quickly jaded by self-gain. It got to the point that I was neglecting things I love to do, i.e. reading books, bc I was spending so much time reading blogs. And yes, I could justify it as “I have to give support to get it,” but it’s still about the attention I get out of it in the end.

    These days, I have the notification bell turned on for many of the blogs i like the most, so I peruse my WP notifications for posts to read when I get time. I don’t seem to get as much attention as I once did. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t make me a little insecure. But at the end of the day, I need to ask myself if a few extra “stars” and views is really worth breaking my back. As you said, I really need to be less shallow.

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    1. I relate to less stats and that started from end of 2018 to 2019 completely. God taught me so much about just being grateful with less people and it was hard in the beginning, but boy, I needed that dose of humility. It still is a temptation sometimes but the Holy Spirit helps me be aware before I get pulled in like before.

      I’m grateful He is working on you, too!!! It’s a challenge! Like we talked about on your blog, refinement!!! 💗😊


  3. I can relate. The more people I follow I find it to be difficult to be able to keep up with everyone’s blog. I’ve spent more time that I should checking out other posts which sometimes would let me to another blogger that I’m not following, but their tittle caught my attention and it goes on and on and before I know it I feel like I’ve spent an entire day reading blogs.

    I make sure that I am intentional about responding to comments. You all are people who share your thoughts, opinion and lives with me and I value that. It takes time to read blog posts each day and leave insightful comments. Also I know, that if you get a bunch of comments a day, its not feasible to reply each comment on a daily basis. I think we should do what we can manage, but also realize that is one of the important aspects of building community on your blog as well as gain traffic, especially when you first start out.

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    1. It can be hard with the more people we follow. And so important to interact with those who are engaging with our post content. I have a couple of rules of comments I won’t respond to. Mainly, if a comment does not relate to content or if it’s inappropriate, even if it relates. Otherwise, like you mentioned, if people are able, definitely comment and engage. So agree!! 😊😊😊

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  4. I had to find balance as well. With the new year, I began setting a timer to read others’ posts for 30 minutes a day. That usually keeps me caught up. I also culled the list of those I followed, limiting it to those who touch my heart and teach me something new.

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      1. I do feel that part of being in the blogging community, as Christians, should involve encouraging each other. The time frame allows me to do that – reading and commenting with genuine interest and feeling – without detracting from other priorities in life.

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      2. I completely agree! I think interactions and discussions are so important especially when done on the blogs of others. It’s a way for us to step out of the comfort of our own blog and truly visit with others. 😊

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  5. Like you, finding the time to read every blog post can be mind boggling and time consuming 🙂 I try to stay up to date during the week days, but the weekends, I take the time to spend with family and friend. 🙂 🙂 I do read most posts, but only comment when I feel the need to nowadays

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  6. Apology accepted and I apologize to you too as well for the times not staying connected with you via here. Yes I did experienced burnt out that was during year before last year into last year. I rarely kept in connection with the blogging community during that time, due to working outside for the Lord. 😀 I’m back on a healthy track with interacting with the community for the Lord’s sake, not mines. I too had was to learn that lesson, that you have mentioned in this post and that’s why we need to continue to encourage & pray for one another. God bless & continue to strengthen you! Blessings! 🙂

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  7. I also wanted to say that I love writing about some inspiration God has given me, and then reading others’ blogs and finding the same theme!
    When we went on sabbatical last year, we had our leadership team prepare to preach the theme of the “I Am’s of Jesus” from the book of John. Wouldn’t you know, almost every church we visited on our travels out west was related to the same theme?? God works in believers everywhere, bringing like messages to and through them in like seasons. He’s amazing like that, isn’t He?

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  8. I, also, have truly enjoyed the blogging community but struggled to find balance between encouraging other authors and creating my own content. May we be wise in our community involvement choices, both online and in person! ❤

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