Staying Accountable To My “Yes”

One of the messages I listened to recently, I think it was Mike Winger on YouTube, but a point was brought up that we need to let our yes be yes. The things we say we are going to do, we need to be accountable to. Though I know this scripture, this really spoke to … Continue reading Staying Accountable To My “Yes”

I Stopped Waiting Until The Last Minute To Read Blog Posts | Apology

From the ending of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, I experienced burn out. I was trying to constantly read every post of the bloggers I followed. Up until last year, I didn't really have a method of staying up to date with bloggers that worked.  Most of 2019, I would wait until the end … Continue reading I Stopped Waiting Until The Last Minute To Read Blog Posts | Apology

A Refuge In Times Of Trouble

He who was made a little lower than the angels to rule overall has become our refuge and strength. Today's Reading: Psalm 8 & 9   Psalm 8 (Verses 1-2) The Lord's name is excellent in all the earth. From nursing babes, God ordains strength that the enemy be silenced.  (Verses 3-8) Here we see scriptures … Continue reading A Refuge In Times Of Trouble

Visionaries & Vision Boards: Warning To Christians

I didn't want to write this post, but God has put it on my heart. I want you to be well informed, it is crucial that you are. I tried to put decent headers and highlights for my readers who skim.  With the start of the new year, many people have a lot of goals … Continue reading Visionaries & Vision Boards: Warning To Christians

Knowledge & Teaching | Spiritual Gifts

God doesn't care what our skill set is. He doesn't care what we are naturally gifted in. What we think we should do could be completely opposite of what God wants. John Bunyan, for example, was a son of a tinker. He was not well learned, yet, God used him to preach and eventually write … Continue reading Knowledge & Teaching | Spiritual Gifts

Are You Fasting… For Jesus

A very popular diet right involves fasting, but for Christians are we using the time we fast for Jesus if we say it is for Him? First, I do want to share that not everyone can fast from food for medical or mental reasons and I think fasting from other things is absolutely okay. It's … Continue reading Are You Fasting… For Jesus

Should I Have Short Or Long Posts | Christian Blogger

ADDED NOTE (01/20/2020)- I want to add, as I discuss at the bottom of the post, short posts can be meaty! I have some additions inspired by comments to help clarify the post. Thank you everyone for the discussion! What attracts most people? How do I grow my audience? I know these are tempting questions … Continue reading Should I Have Short Or Long Posts | Christian Blogger