Happy Father’s Day

Wanted to make this really short so you can spend time with your families. I'll continue the Bible Summary next week.  Our Lord God is our Father in Heaven. He is willing to make us whole as each day passes. He is ready for us to shed our flesh and embrace His Spirit. (NIV) 2… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

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5 Christian Teen Bloggers (3)

I apologize for the delay. The last time I was able to do this spotlight was in March. I hope to do to these about once a month, if possible. I'm almost up to April comments of those who wanted to be featured. Thanks for your patience, everyone! I want to add, again, that not… Continue reading 5 Christian Teen Bloggers (3)


Do I Have My Disability/Disease/Illness Because My Faith Is Too Little?

This topic was recommended by fellow blogger Lily when I had asked if anyone would like me to dig into particular topics. Within the past week, it became all too apparent this topic was one I needed to write about sooner than later.  Both she and fellow blogger Leigh have shared that people have told them they… Continue reading Do I Have My Disability/Disease/Illness Because My Faith Is Too Little?


May Highlights & Reflections

I thought it might be fun to go back through the past month and reflect on different highlights and things that I wrote about. I wrote 23 posts for May. Worked on picking two colors for the blog to use in feature images. Three colors just did not really work out. 5 Highest Viewed Posts… Continue reading May Highlights & Reflections

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Quotes From YOU | May ’19

I hope the new feature image for the series look okay.  Summer is approaching and warm days finally are upon us. I've been waiting, and my flowers have been waiting. Here are quotes from Christian bloggers around the community that stood out to me in the month of May. As always, this is not to… Continue reading Quotes From YOU | May ’19

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How To Deal With Difficult Posts & Comments | Christian Blogger

This has been a question I've had a couple of times from Christian bloggers. I hope this is helpful. ❤  I've seen some Christian bloggers write very opinionated posts, with some hurtful statements and then end their post telling people they need to be nice in the comments. If we are not nice in our… Continue reading How To Deal With Difficult Posts & Comments | Christian Blogger

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I’m Working On My Mind… And It’s Hard

Judgment. Assumptions. Emotional attachment which tags along.  There is a book a sister in Christ and I joke about, one we are planning to read. "It's Not About Me," by Max Lucado. We will say the title to each other when one of us admits our selfish struggles. It's so easy for us to get… Continue reading I’m Working On My Mind… And It’s Hard