Reblog: What Should We Tell Our Kids About Santa Claus by Michelle Lesley

In the past, I have written about the topic of Santa Claus and it caused a bit of a stir. The post Michelle has written I think rightly divides how to discuss Santa.

I have always learned so much from Michelle Lesley’s posts I wanted to share this post with you. Michelle breaks down both positives and negatives of Santa. She explains how some attributes of Santa are, in fact, attributes of God and how this is misleading, while at the same time, a great opportunity to teach the Gospel and drive kids on the truth. She points out the hypocrisy of works based righteousness and the error of lying, at any given time. Santa can be fun, Michelle says, if done in a Biblical manner. If you have a few minutes today, check out the post. 🙂

Michelle’s Post | What Should We Tell Our Kids About Santa Claus


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