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Finding Comfort In An Empty Room

Have any of you heard the children’s song, “He’s still working on me?”

He’s still working on me.

To make me what I ought to be.

For the past few days, I keep hearing these lyrics over and over. I’m not sure if those are even the lyrics. But that’s what I keep hearing.

Saturday I listened to a few sermons and there was a moment when I got cold. In the living room, there is a spot where the sunlight pours from the window and warms the carpet. That spot and I became best friends. 

I don’t know if any of you have these moments or places in your home where you like to retreat, but this spot actually is one of them. It’s not hidden by any means, but the fact that it is right by the window and sunlight pours through has been a great comfort to me.

When my husband and I found our townhouse in 2016, in Florida, there was a moment of relief. We had been looking at a number of places to live when he was moved to a base in Florida. Thankfully, we were given two weeks to stay at a hotel on base while we looked, free of charge, but it was nerve-wracking. When we finally signed papers and entered the townhouse, I knew God was telling me that place would be a place of peace. It wouldn’t last long because my husband was planning to get out the next year, and he did, but I felt the Holy Spirit remind me to soak it in.

The movers wouldn’t arrive for almost a week with our things. I remember sitting in the empty living room and just lying down on the floor. So grateful I could see huge pine trees outside the windows. Grateful to soak in those moments before our new journey the next year.

But then June rolled around and we had to leave.

I remember sitting on the floor in the townhouse, with relief again, when the movers finally left in 2017 with our stuff. I do not do well with moving, especially with movers. It makes me tense and very stressed. But when it was over, the house was empty once more, like in 2016 when we first moved there, I remembered to take that moment in. We had only a few days before we would leave Florida and head back to Ohio.

When we finally found our apartment here, as soon as we had the keys, again, I found myself in an empty living room, near a window, with sunlight pouring down.

This time was harder. There were a lot of uncertainties. A lot of “security” was being taken away. But I found comfort looking out at the window and feeling the warmth of the sun on me.

My friend, Jesus no matter where we are in life or what we struggle with, never leaves us. He always provides a place of comfort under His wings. People and situations around us might change, but He never does! 

He’s still working on me. 

No matter where I go, He has a plan.

To make me what I ought to be.

Sometimes the best lessons come from trials because we listen better.

Sometimes we need an empty room to remind us what truly matters and how no matter what happens God still moves the mountains. He provides for us in the simplest and smallest of ways, as well as the big. We need to seek Him with opened eyes so we can catch all of the things He is doing.

I’m grateful for these reminder spots in my home to step back, breathe, and focus on Him. To see what He is doing right now, and how much He has already taken me through. He isn’t done with His plan and I’m not done learning and giving Him glory. 

How About You?
Do you have “reminder spots” in your home?

19 thoughts on “Finding Comfort In An Empty Room

  1. For me, it is usually wherever I can be alone with God. Yet, I am so grateful that this past year the Lord gave me a room that I could call my own where I could study and write music and cry and pray and journal and just talk with him and him with me, and that has been so awesome!

    Also, it is when my computer is in my lap, not on a desk or on a table. If I sit at a table, I feel like I am at work or at school, but if my computer is in my lap, then I feel like this is an intimate time with God, it is personal, where I can just be with him and he with me.

    We are getting ready to move again, as you know, so I identified with your sentiments there. Right now I could go for an empty room, for our little apartment is piled high with boxes and clutter right now, and I don’t like clutter. I am a neat and tidy kind of person. It probably shows, huh? 🙂 But, the Lord is giving me total peace through the clutter right now, although I look forward, Lord willing, to having neat and tidy back again. But, I have to be okay if I never have that, too. 🙂

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    1. When I was writing this I was thinking of you ❤ It's so true, really any place we are at can be a special time/place with the Lord. But it's always nice for the moments He gives us special spots, even if they do not last forever. My Florida home was a special place and I'm grateful He put that on my heart to make sure I took advantage of the blessing and spend time with Him in those spots. I'm so grateful that you had that room for the Lord ❤ and I know He will give you more special moments with Him. I can't wait to hear about it 🙂

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    1. ❤ ❤ oh, 19 years sounds lovely! ONE DAY I tell myself, unless, God has other plans. Then He will help me adjust.

      He is so amazing and I'm grateful for those places and moments He reminds me to turn to Him and soak in the moment.

      Haha! YES! I'm glad I'm not making things up 🙂

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