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Merry Christmas | 4 Titles of Jesus

Merry Christmas!

I recently finished a series on the 4 names given to Jesus in Isaiah 9:06. You can check them out here.

Wonderful Counselor | Christmas Study

Mighty God | Christmas Study

Everlasting Father | Christmas Study

Prince of Peace | Christmas Study

This year I read a chapter of Luke each day for December. The goal means you finish on Christmas Eve. I very much was encouraged by the reading.

Never forget the reason we celebrate.

The birth of Christ shows how God added on humanity becoming the God-Man. The Son of God became the atonement sacrifice and He was killed. He took the wrath of God in our stead. He resurrected and broke the bondage of sin. Those who put their faith in Christ will not have to be under condemnation and the bondage of sin.

His birth means His death.

Never forget the cost.


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