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The Gospel Journey | John The Baptist Is Born & His Father Speaks

We left off with the news of Elizabeth and Mary receiving announcements that they would be with child. Zacharias became mute because of his disbelief that his elderly wife would be with child, and he would only speak when his son was born.

Ch. 1:39-45- Mary Visits Elizabeth

(v.41) When Mary went to Judah to visit Elizabeth, at the sound of Mary’s greeting, Elizabeth’s baby leaped in the womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. Elizabeth blesses Mary and the baby inside.

Ch. 1:46-56- Mary’s Song

Mary’s song of praise magnifies the Lord and speaks about how God remembered His promise to Israel in mercy.

(v.56) Mary stays with Elizabeth for about three months and then returns home. 

Ch. 1:57-58- John the Baptist Is Born

When the neighbors and family hear what God has done they rejoice. 

Ch. 1:59-66- Zacharias Speaks Again

The eighth day was when males were to be circumcised. Originally they would have taken up the name of their father, but Elizabeth said that he must be named, “John.” Having no relatives with that name, the people wondered. So they made signs to Zacharias about the name. (v.63) Upon receiving a writing utensil, Zacharias wrote out that the baby’s name must be, “John.”

Immediately afterward Zacharias’ mouth was opened and he spoke praising the Lord.

But fear came on all those who dwelt among them and all of these things were discussed throughout the hillside of Judea. (v.66) People wondered about the baby and what kind of child he would be. Keeping all of these things in their hearts.

The hand of the Lord was with him. (v.66)

Ch 1:67-80- Zacharias’ Prophecy

(v.67) Zacharias was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied.

He also touched on some of the things as Mary. God kept His word and showed mercy to the people of Israel, keeping the covenant He made with Abraham. John shall be called the prophet of the Highest. He will go before God to prepare His ways. (v.77) “To give knowledge of salvation to His people by the remission of their sins.”

(v.80) John grew and became strong in spirit. It says he was living in the deserts until the day of his manifestation to Israel. This makes sense because when John first makes his appearance he is crying out in the desert that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

What To Take Away God keeps His word, and we need to trust Him. Notice Zacharias only speaks after he affirms what his child’s name shall be, like when he was originally told by the angel, only this time, he believed and followed through. Jesus came to us because of God’s grace and mercy. God loves us that deeply. 

Next Time– How fitting that when we cover the birth of Christ it will be Christmas week!

What speaks to you?

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11 thoughts on “The Gospel Journey | John The Baptist Is Born & His Father Speaks

  1. I really always think of how Elizabeth said to Mary, “How blessed are you among women…” A year or two (or so) ago, I wrote about that moment and the story still reminds me of that word, “blessed,” because when most people say, “Blessed,” they don’t mean living as a poor couple, enduring scandal for obeying God, giving birth in a stable, nor watching one’s firstborn die an agonizing death among other things. Yet there it is… Mary was blessed and through her, we have all been blessed by the fruit of her womb!

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    1. It is true she may not have understood everything but she definitely knew enough of scripture of what God would do. And it most definitely encourages us to know His word even when we do not know understand but need to trust Him.

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